Reseller Hosting

The term reseller hosting refers to the subletting of web space, i.e. the storage space on the Internet. The term comes from the English language. The word reseller stands for reseller and the term hosting means to host or accommodate. In the context of the Internet, hosting is a service provided by a so-called provider (Internet service provider) who offers storage capacity to his customers. Every website - whether a private homepage or a large online shop - depends on this storage capacity. A reseller leases the storage space from the provider and resells it to end customers under his own name. The reseller receives a certain volume of web space from the provider for a fixed flat fee. The reseller then divides this web space into individual packages. The reseller generates his profit by reselling these smaller packages. Resellers act on the market like independent providers, but often combine their web space offer with other services (such as a domain). Often reseller hosting is therefore more expensive, but occasionally there are also offers where the storage space is passed on at wholesale price without further additional offers. Especially for smaller companies, agencies and web programmers, who shy away from the effort of an own web server, the offer at reseller hosting is interesting.

Earn money on the side with Reseller Hosting

Earning money on the side with reseller hosting is quite possible. Because in principle, anyone can buy web space. This business makes sense especially if you buy from a provider that offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Then the acquired storage space can be resold to third parties in smaller packages. The ideal way is to be registered as a reseller of domains and sell both to end customers in a double package. The easiest way to get started with reseller hosting is to rent a virtual web server. This provides the reseller with a lot of webspace without large investments. Reseller hosting does not only sound uncomplicated, in fact the reseller does not need any technical knowledge about web hosting to run the business profitably. Nevertheless, if you are thinking about building up your own business in this area, you should think about marketing your own products early on. Because to win and keep customers is not completely uncomplicated. Once customers are won, not only the reseller hosting has to work perfectly, but also support and customer service are very important.

Reseller Hosting Customer Service

As already mentioned, the reseller does not need to have any technical knowledge. In the event of technical malfunctions or server failures, the reseller is nevertheless the first point of contact, because the end customer has purchased the storage space from him. Resellers must therefore be able to offer their customers good support around the clock if possible. The actual network infrastructure, difficulties with the Internet connection, hardware or software problems are taken care of by the provider from whom the reseller has purchased the web space himself. Thus the reseller serves as an interface between the provider of the hosting service and the end customer. If problems occur, the reseller has to mediate between both sides, although he cannot repair anything himself. The reseller should also be available for his customers in case of questions and small problems. If the reseller understands the reseller hosting trade, he has alternative solutions at hand and is prepared for possible breakdowns in good time. Because customers can only be retained in the long term thanks to good customer service.

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