Tax office may seize Internet domain from taxpayers

Many domain owners.think that their internet domain is protected against access by third parties. However, a domain seizure is permissible in many situations. This view was endorsed by the Münster Finance Court on 16.09.2015. Tax offices can garnishee taxes in arrears by seizing the claims from the domain contract. In the case at hand, a cooperative society which had been responsible for the registration [...]

What must be considered when registering domains?

When registering or buying domains, there are some special features to consider. If you do not deal with the possible legal consequences in detail, you may have to expect warnings and claims for damages. When choosing the appropriate domain, points such as search engine optimization, marketing and legal security should be considered. We clarify typical mistakes and methods for legal protection [...]


DENIC takes on the important task of administering Top Level Domains. First and foremost, this concerns Top Level Domains registered in Germany. These are primarily .de domains. The organization has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, where it also keeps all the data that converge there about the corresponding domain holders. The German organization is [...]


A domain is to be seen by the viewer as a coherent website. Superficially, it is an area on the Internet which has its own name. You can recognize this by the independent link address. With the creation of your own domain you can not only spread the name of your site more effectively, but you will also have a much more [...]