Create Plesk eMail address

How do I create an address in the Plesk management interface? In Plesk, you can easily create an e-mail address and retrieve it using your e-mail program or webmail. The mailbox can be accessed using either IMAP protocol or POP3. The setup is completed within a few seconds. In our video you will find step-by-step instructions for the setup process [...]

Disconnect e-mail from webhosting account

ilj_60.de86097d408.62574906 There is hardly a market on the Internet that is as competitive as web hosting. Especially in the lower and middle price segments, providers are constantly undercutting each other on prices for all-round carefree packages. In addition to storage space, they usually include a domain, databases and e-mail accounts. Complete packages are inexpensive and definitely recommendable for beginners. For professional and business use [...]

10 possibilities to protect the e-mail address

ilj_60.de8609ef2a4.39018256 Starting an online shop is always an exciting thing. Presenting your idea to the big, wide world and hopefully making decent sales from it is every startup's dream. But if you make this little beginner's mistake, you'll quickly get more electronic mail than you'd like: the email address unprotected on the website [...]

GoBS legally secure e-mail storage obligatory

Legally compliant e-mail storage according to GoBD On January 1, 2017, the "Principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access" (GoBD) will finally come into force. This also includes the regulations for the legally compliant storage of e-mails and e-mail attachments, for which there are no longer any exceptions as of the cut-off date. The [...]


The abbreviation IMAP means Internet Message Access Protocol in the long form. It is a protocol for e-mail access with commercially available e-mail standard programs. With IMAP, e-mails are sent and received through a connection to the server. In addition, only the subject matter can be viewed, so that the entire e-mail content can only be viewed after an additional download. […]

amavis - The interface between mail server and spam / virus protection

Amavis is a server-side virus scanner written in the Perl programming language and used on Unix mail servers. If an unwanted e-mail is detected, Amavis automatically removes it from circulation. The reliable program now also blocks spam messages that would otherwise fill the mail server. With this useful tool [...]