Start a successful audio podcast

Podcasting is becoming more widespread these days. A podcast can be a good addition to a blog, a YouTube channel or an independent project. Important building blocks of a successful poscast: A key topic The podcast should be about a specific topic. For example, the podcast may be dedicated to web hosting. Analyze the audio in this niche [...]

Create digital products

Digital products - what is there and how can I gain a foothold in the eCommerce market? When you hear "digital products" sold or manufactured, you first think that they are a strange invention of modern times. What kind of products are they? A product can be touched, right? What are digital products anyway? With digital [...]

Antivirus software - the most important features and functions at a glance

Almost everyone uses you, almost everyone knows your name. But what exactly is an antivirus software (AV for short)? In general it is to be classified as an antivirus program. It is a software that tries to detect, block and in the best case delete known computer viruses, Trojan horses or computer worms. Let us look at the central properties of this software and [...]