Web hosting tips for startup founders

Start-up founders have to deal with numerous hurdles. Choosing the right webhoster is just one of many. Whether online shop or website: There are numerous pitfalls in web hosting that need to be avoided. This applies all the more to start-up entrepreneurs. With a functioning website, companies stand or fall. Web hosters - important tips for start-up founders Start-up founders are entitled to [...]

Web hosting, web design and ASP contract - what are the differences?

Web hosters and their customers can connect via numerous contract types. Very few people know what a web hosting, web design or ASP contract is. We will enlighten you and give you an overview of the different contract types! Internet contracts: What are the differences? Internet contracts can be designed in many different ways. The legal nature of web design, ASP and web hosting contracts differs greatly [...]

§ 11 BDSG - Web hosting may only be possible with written agreement

Many web hosters and people who use hosting services have not yet dealt with the legal regulations in detail. As soon as the services of a web host are used, it may be necessary to make a written agreement. This is especially true if the requirements of § 11 BDSG are met. The legal regulation [...]

Web hosting - How much may it cost?

Whoever wants to set up a website for a private individual as an entrepreneur, quickly asks himself how much money he has to spend on it. There is no blanket answer to this question. Rather, it depends on various factors, how much web hosting may or must cost in individual cases. The prices for web hosting vary as much as the demands. […]

Web hosting contract cancelled - what happens to the domain?

Whoever signs a web hosting contract can also cancel it again. It's really quite simple, isn't it? But many customers do not know that they have to cancel several contracts at once. The contract for the registration of a domain is not concluded with the webhoster, but with the domain registry. The web host merely acts as an intermediary between the parties to the contract. Anyone who wants to cancel his [...]

Webhosting for clubs - Recruit new members!

Webhosting for clubs sports club, motorcycle club or singing club, more and more clubs recognize the benefit of having their own website. It is an easy way to recruit new members, do public relations or keep the existing members up to date. When choosing a suitable hosting provider, clubs have to pay attention to many points, so that the administration does not have to worry about [...]

Webhosting for WordPress - What is to be considered?

Most web hosters offer special hosting packages for WordPress. If you choose a professional webhoster, you can usually install the CMS with just one click. If you decide on a webhoster, you should not worry about compatibility: With special hosting packages this danger is negligible. After all, most webhosters have focused on the infrastructure [...]

The IT security law - SSL now mandatory!

SSL encryption - mandatory from now on! German and European legislation is geared towards consumer protection. Operators of websites are constantly being burdened with new regulations. In 2015, among other things, the Cookie Directive and the law to change the value added tax for digital services and products came into force. In July 2015 a new IT security law was introduced - [...]