Create a WordPress blog post

The first steps: create a WordPress blog post WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide. Especially for blogs, the content management system is ideal thanks to its numerous functions, clear structure and flexible expansion via plugins and modules. Every blog starts with the registration with the WordPress system, a domain selection and [...]

Instructions Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a very popular WordPress SEO plugin. That means Yoast SEO is installed on countless WordPress websites. Many website owners find this plugin very useful and useful. This plugin optimizes both technical aspects of the website and helps to optimize it. Thanks to this free WordPress plugin [...]

Joomla website move to WordPress

CMS is the most common way for laymen to create a website nowadays. Also Joomla was once among the most popular content management systems, but has been completely replaced by WordPress. But at this point everyone can understand why not everyone wants to rebuild the website that has already been created [...]


The purpose of an XML sitemap is to ensure that the contents of your website are indexed faster than usual by popular search engines. Yoast SEO offers a WordPress SEO plugin as a suitable solution. One function is the XML Sitemaps function, which allows you to index the entries of your website in search engines - from Google [...]

5 tips on how to get more newsletter subscribers

Newsletter subscribers are the key to success. Making money on the Internet with your own website only works if you have been able to attract interested parties who want to hear from you again and again. A quite well-known saying is: The money is in the list! And this is not without reason popular and very well known. A newsletter should not be underestimated [...]

Choose the right WordPress plugins!

WordPress plugins are small programs that can be used to integrate a variety of different functions into your website. The extensions can not only add one function to the standard WordPress functionality, but also change existing functions, so that new plugins should be chosen carefully. The existence of thousands of plugins that are now available for WordPress [...]


Shortcodes - what do you actually mean by this? If one deals as a beginner with the popular program WordPress, many terms first appear to be Spanish. As an example, the so-called shortcodes can be seen, which you have surely already come across while reading. These are roughly commands that are enclosed in square brackets [...]

Achieve better readability with Yoast Seo - the manual!

Whether blog, website or online shop, good readability not only makes readers happy, the readability of online texts is also interesting for search engines. Google pays more and more attention to quality and evaluates the readability of every page on the Internet, the result has an influence on the search engine ranking. To write well readable articles and blog posts, you don't have to be a [...]

Use WordPress for the website with and without agency

The content management system WordPress has its origin as a blog system. Nevertheless, it can also be used as a professional corporate website and has many advantages. Of course, the type of website and for what purpose it is used plays a fundamental role. Before using WordPress - whether with or without an agency - you should get acquainted with [...]

Insert & hide affiliate links in WordPress

With an affiliate plugin, not only can affiliate links be hidden, but also statistically recorded and centrally managed. Good Affiliate Plugins offer much more and ensure, for example, that you never lose track of the clicks, that you can adjust the statistics as you wish and thus carry out different evaluations. The [...]