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What is a WordPress plugin or theme?

With WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes you can give your website an individual look as well as a wide range of different Functions ...into the system. With a little knowledge and practice, you can quickly create a distinctive Internet presence.

What is a WordPress plugin?

The range of functions that WordPress offers is initially very limited. Plugins offer the possibility to make the use of WordPress more flexible. The so-called extensions are on the one hand free of charge in WordPress Plugin-directory or can be found in various online shops can be purchased. You can also have a special plugin developed. Choosing the right extensions for your own website can sometimes be very difficult due to the huge range of products. Especially recommendable are those that are used for Security contribute. For example, here is the plugin 'iThemes SecurityThis will check your security settings and make suggestions for improvement. Furthermore, conspicuous User blocked by the plugin and the security of passwords and other sensitive data is Data increased. With the help of 'BackWPUp' you can determine which content should be saved at what time and at what destination. In this way you can give a possible Data loss prevent. With the plugin 'W3 Total Cachelong charging times can be avoided, which in turn has a negative effect on your Traffic and search engine ranking. Since WordPress does not automatically SEO-plugin is included, the Installation of the plugin 'Yoast SEOThis is particularly popular with over seven million downloads.

Themes & PluginsWhat is a WordPress Theme?

With a Theme the appearance and style of your website determine. After the installation of WordPress you will only find a white page, which you have to give a look. Here you can let off steam as you like and give your creativity free rein. The theme, which is also called template, does not only define the look of the website. It also determines the functions. A large number of free themes are available for a fee Premium-themes, which usually have a much larger range of functions.

How do I find the right theme?

WordPress themes can be found both on WordPress.org and via the user interface after installing the Software. Via the menu item ' .DesignIf you click on 'Twenty Eleven' and 'Twenty Twelve' you will get to 'Themes', where you can already select two standard themes. By clicking on 'Add new theme' you will be forwarded to an overview where you can filter the existing themes according to different criteria. Once you have found a theme that you like, you can take a closer look at it in the preview, or you can install.

How do I create my own WordPress theme?

Once you have a WordPress installation, you can import test data from WordPress Test and test various types of content create. To do this, select 'Tools' in the WordPress backend, then 'Import' and finally the table item 'WordPress'. After the request for the installation of the corresponding plugin, you can download the file contained in the ZIP-Archive located XML-file can be imported. The additional installation of the plugin 'Theme Check' is useful to keep the resulting theme always on Error to be able to check.

Enjoy free themes with caution

If you are interested in a free WordPress theme that is not offered by WordPress.org, you should be careful. It may contain malicious code, which can have serious consequences. For security reasons, it makes sense to purchase a premium theme that has proven itself. You can find one on the website Themeforest.net. Alternatively, you can search for offers from theme developers.

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