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Meaning and history

In the past, express mail was still called express delivery or express letter. Today there is the express letter. With such a shipment, an item - today regardless of whether it is a letter or a small parcel or package - does not reach the recipient via the normal postal route, but via the express messenger or the express company. This type of item is handled in the same way as any other letter item and is either placed in the house letterbox or handed over to the recipient at the front door. In recent years, many larger express services have been able to establish themselves. However, there are always start-ups that first have to become known and build up an infrastructure. The domain extension .express can help with this. This is a top-level domain that has been specially designed for express services of all kinds.

Use and meaning

This domain extension can be used in many different ways. The express service can also be a service that delivers other products instead of letters and parcels, such as food or even spare parts for workshops and for companies that produce continuously and usually place many smaller orders instead of larger orders that are not delivered by truck. It is precisely in this area that it can be worthwhile to adopt the .express domain extension. In this case it is a very good possibility to make the own express service known and at the same time to inform the consumer in which branch one is active. Because it is not always obvious from the company name that it is an express service. However, it usually takes years until an express service has established itself on the market. Thanks to the presence of the company on the Internet and the .express domain extension, however, it is possible that the awareness of a company in this industry increases very quickly and the .express domain extension even ultimately becomes a trademark or is simply adopted when it comes to the recommendation of consumers to others.

Special features of the domain extension


Registration period of the domain

The registration of a .express domain usually takes a few hours

Minimum and maximum length

1 - 63 characters

Transfer to the Premium Provider

Change of ownership (registrant)

Provider change possible

Whois update possible

Whois Privacy Protection

Name Server Update

Domain Expire (end of term)

Deletion immediately

Umlauts possible

Restore after deletion possible

A reactivation is possible within the first 30 days after deletion (99 € incl. 19 % VAT)

Forms and conditions

Please divide the contribution
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