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Meaning and history

It concerns .forum, a Domainendung, which one can book in this country.

Until recently, domain endings were extended to the country code. Today, however, there are numerous other domain endings that you can book and now you can let off steam in terms of design. The domain extension can be booked with a hosting service of your choice.

Of course, you want to stand out from other websites with your own website on the Internet and work especially well in terms of design. Exactly that succeeds with the domain extension .forum. With this, every website operator could mark a website as such. A forum is a website where you are allowed to share your thoughts and where you can also contribute yourself. Furthermore one can communicate on these sides particularly well with humans. A forum is a platform on which one can register and then of course one is allowed to be there for other people. One can also present a certain offer and thus get a good reputation with this website. Insofar as one now wants to open these websites, it is best to look for a hosting service that offers good prices, but at the same time has a wide range of services to offer. A website is not only about the platform itself. With a good hoster, you can get started directly and, above all, without basic knowledge. There are then so-called tools on which one may fall back to set up the website. In any case, it makes sense to get a good reputation here with your own domain and that is what matters with such a domain. You can now just go ahead and find out what is suitable for you. You will definitely not regret having decided on such a domain. Because with such a domain you will reach your customers better. Even if you already have a website, you can use this to create an extension. If you have a normal .de domain so far, this will open up a whole new world for you, in which you can let off steam all around. Just offer your users a better experience with this domain. You will see that it will be very well received!

Special features of the domain extension


Registration period of the domain

Minimum and maximum length

Transfer to the Premium Provider

Change of ownership (registrant)

Provider change possible

Whois update possible

Whois Privacy Protection

Name Server Update

Domain Expire (end of term)

Deletion immediately

Umlauts possible

Restore after deletion possible

Reactivation is not possible.

Forms and conditions

Please divide the contribution
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