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Meaning and history

The .media shows the way. If you have decided to use media and want to offer it to a broad audience, you need the right extension. With such an ending you can reach many target groups. From young to old, everyone is interested in media. Now, besides the domain, you also have to decide what you want to show on your own site. The .media domain comparison shows that there are no limits to the imagination. The more you deal with the topic, the easier it is to find the right name. No previous knowledge is required for a .media ending. On the contrary. You just pick out a little bit of the content of the page and then you know immediately what it is all about. So what can be used in the domain in addition. Each domain must first be tried out and, above all, selected. But since there are enough choices at Media, there should be something for everyone.

The ending can therefore be a foretaste of what awaits the user when he has logged on to the page, or has become curious after a search query. Once the curiosity is aroused, there is no stopping it. You can also conveniently interweave this ending with other topics, creating a site that's everyone's business. Just right for those who don't want to commit to one topic but still know what they need. .media endings are popular, but can always be reinvented. No matter how many pages you want on that topic.

Special features of the domain extension


Registration period of the domain

The registration of a .media domain usually takes a few hours

Minimum and maximum length

1 - 63 characters

Transfer to the Premium Provider

Change of ownership (registrant)

Provider change possible

Whois update possible

Whois Privacy Protection

Name Server Update

Domain Expire (end of term)

Deletion immediately

Umlauts possible

Restore after deletion possible

A reactivation is possible within the first 30 days after deletion (99 € incl. 19 % VAT)

Forms and conditions

Please divide the contribution
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