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Meaning and history

House, shop or apartment or office or land or commercial space needed? On the Internet there is a whole range of prospective buyers for houses etc.. Many go the way about a broker or about a bank that offers real estate. However, many consumers are also looking for an apartment or a house or even several houses to buy from private. Many who want to sell their property price it over the internet. There are even domain extensions for such private sales under which these websites can be found very well. This includes .real estate. This is a domain extension that belongs to the top-level domains and shows the potential buyers of a property the straight path to such an object.

Award guidelines

This is a good alternative to a classic newspaper ad, which can attract far more interested parties. Responsible for the allocation and provision of .real estate domains is the US-Irish company United TLD Holdco Ltd. This is a subsidiary of Rightside/Demand Media. The domain extension can be obtained since February 2014, if you want to register a corresponding domain to yourself. The target group of this top-level domain is the entire real estate industry in German-speaking countries. This means that a potential offer for a property can be an offer from Germany, the German-speaking part of Switzerland and Austria. The offer to register a domain under this ending is open to real estate financiers, but also property management companies and companies and organizations associated with the real estate industry.

Use and meaning

Thanks to the domain extension .real estate, these companies and of course the commercial and private interested parties of a property get the opportunity that you get a new opportunity to make an offer specifically known in a certain group of people or to search. However, when choosing this domain extension, it is also important to choose the right and well thought-out domain name. Because this is decisive, whether really the right prospective customers find to this offer.

Special features of the domain extension


Registration period of the domain

The registration of a .real estate domain usually takes a few hours

Minimum and maximum length

2 - 63 characters

Transfer to the Premium Provider

Change of ownership (registrant)

Provider change possible

Whois update possible

Whois Privacy Protection

Name Server Update

Domain Expire (end of term)

Deletion immediately

Umlauts possible

Restore after deletion possible

A reactivation is possible within the first 30 days after deletion (99 € incl. 19 % VAT)

Forms and conditions

Please divide the contribution
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