1 GBit/s from 29.90 euros with Deutsche GigaNetz

The company Deutsche GigaNetz GmbH has Investments of up to three billion euros for the expansion of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH). The expansion is being financed by the British infrastructure investor Infrared Capital Partners, which in turn is owned by the Canadian Sunlife insurance group.

Deutsche Giganetz GmbH was founded last year and operates with a team of experts with many years of experience in the fiber optics and telecommunications market.

Frank Wittich-Böcker

Angeboten wird der Tarif Mynet 1.000 (1.000 Mbit/s Download, 500 Mbit/s Upload) inklusive Telefonflatrate (2 Leitungen) und Fritzbox 7530 WLAN-Router in der ersten 12 Monaten für nur 29,99 Euro, ab dem 13. Monat fällt die reguläre Gebühr von 74,90 Euro an. Bei einer Vertragsdauer von 24 Monaten kommen Privatkunden somit auf einen monatlichen Durchschnittspreis von 52,40 Euro.

Expansion in "numerous pilot regions

In the expansion, Deutsche GigaNetz, like Deutsche Telekom, is concentrating primarily on regions with a high population density. The expansion will begin "this summer in several municipalities in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg". The company has not yet specified the period in which the investment sum is to be spent. This is to be determined above all by the available own-economy, not promoted regions. In principle, however, the company would also take on subsidised contracts, for example in structurally weak areas.

Price competition for FTTH

The slow expansion of fiber optics in Germany is now creating lively competition. This not only improves availability, but also creates price competition for the previously very expensive FTTH connections, which makes fiber optics interesting for the masses as well.

Reinhard Frank, district administrator from the Main-Tauber district told the Frankish NewsWe are pleased that three companies are now showing interest in the commercial expansion. In the meantime, Breitbandversorgung Deutschland, Deutsche Glasfaser and the company Deutsche Giganetz have expressed their interest."

Deutsche GigaNetz's competitors include Deutsche Telekom, which has announced the "Number one in fiber optics“ zu werden, vor allem Telefónica. Kürzlich teile der Netzbetreiber mit, dass der neue GBit/s-Tarif O2 my Home XXL (1.000 Mbit/s Download, 500 Mbit/s Upload) monatlich 69,99 Euro kosten wird. Angeboten wird außerdem O2 my Home XL XXL (250 Mbit/s Download, 125 Mbit/s Upload) für 34,99 Euro sowie O2 my Home L XXL (100 Mbit/s Download, 40 Mbit/s Upload) für 24,99 Euro. Finanziert wird der Ausbau von dem Gemeinschaftsunternehmen „Unsere Grüne Glasfaser“ (UGG), das der Allianz und Telefónica gehört.

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