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1&1 All-Net-Flatrate with cheap AirPods as bonus

You wanted to change your mobile phone provider anyway and are a fan of Apple-Hardware? Then you might consider the All-Net-Flatrate from 1&1, because there you can currently get very cheap AirPods - ideal if you have a Smartphone without headphone jack or generally just need new headphones.

What can the All-Net flat rate of 1&1 do?

As is the case with all flat rates of this type, you can also start by free of charge on the phone. This applies to every mobile network as well as the German fixed network. You then have the choice between three different tariffs, which differ slightly in terms of their features:

- In the lowest tariff you get 5 GB data volume at the maximum available speed via LTE, plus free SMS sending and a flat rate for EU countries.

- If you decide on the 10 GB model, you will get all the features already mentioned plus a second SIM card that you can also use for a notebook or tablet, for example.

- The largest tariff offers 15 GB data volume and, in addition to all the bonuses mentioned so far, 100 GB storage space in the Data-Cloud from 1&1 to the buyer.

If you wish, you can also secure one of the available smartphones with each tariff, ranging from upper mid-range to high-end. The contract term in each tariff is 24 months, you only have a special right of termination within the first month. As soon as the volume is used up, the speed drops to 64 Kbit/s. Within the first twelve months, the monthly basic price is much lower, by the way, only after that you pay the full price. 

Practically, you could also benefit from the exchange-Service which is included in every tariff. If there is a technical defect, water damage or the display breaks, you can inform 1&1 about it and you will have a new smartphone in your hands within 24 hours. If required, the delivery will be made to the front door. It should be remembered that this is of course not to be self-inflicted damage.

Including AirPods from Apple almost for free

In all tariffs you have with 1&1 once again, there is also an offer for the well-known AirPods from Apple. The wireless Bluetooth headphones fit right in your ear. Charging the battery is done in the included case and you can activate them easily with touch functionality. Apple sets the recommended retail price of these in-ear headphones at 179 Euros, at 1&1 and in combination with one of the well-known All-Net flat rates, the price is only 9.99 Euros.

By the way, for the use of the AirPods you do not necessarily need a iPhone. You can also connect the headphones to an Android smartphone. Siri is not available there, but you can use the Google Switch on assistant. The operation is then not much different from using the AirPods on the iPhone. With the appropriate Apps you can even track down the headphones afterwards if they are lost. The offer of 1&1 is therefore not only interesting for iPhone users, but for all smartphone users.

Good possibility for all changers

If your old Contract and you could well use new headphones, it's worth taking a closer look at the 1&1 All-Net flat rates. AirPods are currently available for no less than 150 euros in the free trade - so the offer can certainly be described as a bargain. 

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