Buy Facebook Likes - the ideal way to drive away customers

"New Facebook Likes every second, the first 25 given, 50 euros for 1,000 clicks": Do such or similar offers occasionally tempt you to make the not always easy fight for popularity a little easier? When it would be practically obvious, you could improve your own image on Facebook by purchasing a bundle of Likes and [...]

Norton Security

Norton Security - the all-round protection for the computer The manufacturer Symantec advertises the new Norton Security with slogans such as "The world has changed - so has Norton" and "The future is today", because the former antivirus and security programs Norton 360, Norton Internet and Norton Antivirus have now become Norton Security. The question is, [...]


G-Data 2015 is an anti-virus software that is available for Windows, Mac and Android systems. It is equipped with real-time and idle protection as well as BankGuard and exploit protection. This is to protect the system from attacks of any kind. At the same time it should work in a resource-saving way and thanks to a clearly structured user interface it should be easy to use even by newcomers [...]

Create a WordPress blog post

The first steps: create a WordPress blog post WordPress is the most widely used CMS worldwide. Especially for blogs, the content management system is ideal thanks to its numerous functions, clear structure and flexible expansion via plugins and modules. Every blog starts with the registration with the WordPress system, a domain selection and [...]

Manage Plesk Roundcube folders

How do I manage the IMAP folders in Plesk Webmail? In our video you will find step-by-step instructions on how to manage the folders in Plesk's Roundcube Webmailer. [su_youtube_advanced url="" playlist="PL_g5rilBm5WXqk9J755LBUCYBowdsc7DL" autohide="no" autoplay="yes" rel="no" theme="light" https="yes"]

Plesk Onyx

Plesk Onyx makes server administration and web project implementation easy. Anyone who wants to implement a project on the web now has a very easy application to implement through Plesk Onyx. With numerous features, many projects can be easily implemented. At the same time, the new tools support all activities so that the result is also successful. Leave server settings [...]

A popular plugin for search engine optimization

Yoast SEO has the ability of optimizing the search engine. This plugin can be used by you and your team. Your team can then analyze content and, based on Yoast SEO suggestions, optimize texts and articles. It is possible to deny someone in your team access to the suggestions and tips. How [...]

The Spamhaus Project

Spamhaus is the name of a project of an international organization of the same name. It is based in London and Geneva and was founded in 1998 by the British entrepreneur and spam counterpart Steve Linford. The aim of the project activities is to identify, track (trace) and offer countermeasures for e-mail spammers as well as spam-related activities. The pseudo-German term Spamhaus was [...]

What does the storage service bring me?

The Dropbox is especially useful for people or companies that work with large files. They need a lot of storage capacity and usually work with many people. With a workstation in the Dropbox, especially in companies many people have the possibility to work with this information. Security for all data is guaranteed because [...]


The hyperlink - and how to use it sensibly Many homepage operators, whether layman or professional, will have been confronted with the term hyperlink at least once. However, many of them do not know exactly what it is or how they can use it sensibly for their website. Therefore it makes sense to use the term [...]