Web hosting tips for startup founders

Start-up founders have to deal with numerous hurdles. Choosing the right web host is just one of many. No matter whether online shop or websiteAt... Web hosting there are numerous pitfalls that must be avoided. This applies all the more to start-up entrepreneurs. With a functioning website, companies stand or fall.

Type in front of whiteboard with great idea for webhoster choosing his startupWeb hosters - important tips for start-up entrepreneurs

Start-up founders face numerous problems at the beginning of their career. In the case of online shops and homepages, numerous special features have to be taken into account that are not immediately apparent at first glance. An ideal web host must guarantee excellent performance - even with a high customer volume. The performance of the webhoster has an effect on Search engine optimization which is responsible for the majority of potential customers. Internet law is a complex matter, which also requires attention. The Internet is developing rapidly. And so are the relevant legal regulations, which are constantly being further developed by judges. Anyone who chooses the wrong web host or fails to comply with legal requirements will be warned by the competition. Under certain circumstances this can be associated with immense costs.

The importance of Internet sites for startup founders

Start-up founders are dependent on a reliably functioning website. This applies not only to entrepreneurs with their own online shop, but to all company founders. The Internet is the world's largest sales market for services and products - this is where customers look for local companies, among other things. Besides high-quality programming and an appealing web design, the Selection of the suitable webhoster of the utmost importance. The Internet presence represents the company in the virtual world and gives the familiar "first impression". The conclusion "unprofessional internet presence equals unprofessional company" should be avoided. No matter how professional the company is - a "bumbling" internet presence can destroy the best product. Companies should be embarrassed about presenting themselves on the Internet just as much as in the real world - serious, professional and competent. A functioning internet presence is probably the most important source for acquiring new customers. This capital should not be gambled away carelessly.

Important criteria for the selection of a suitable webhoster

Selling services and goods over the Internet is an absolute must. The Internet multiplies the potential group of buyers. The World Wide Web is an excellent medium for customer acquisition that can be used as a sales and marketing channel. Sales on the e-commerce market have increased by up to ten percent in some years. The development of websites and online shops has become relatively simple. Nevertheless, the choice of the right web host must be carefully considered. Web hosters must be powerful, secure and reliable. Unauthorized access must be possible with an effective Firewall be averted. The data center must offer high reliability against failures. Excellent computing power, high bandwidth and regular backups must be a matter of course. With SSL certificates, web hosts guarantee secure payment transactions.

Cloud Computing Hosting with encryptionWhich options need to be considered?

Anyone who runs an online shop has to consider how many items are to be sold in it. The compatibility of the webhoster with different systems must be checked and used as a selection criterion. Start-up founders have to consider which domains the website should be accessible through. The expected customer volume is also relevant. Webhosters should be flexible: It must be possible to book new services at a reasonable price. If projects are limited in time, the minimum duration is relevant. The price-performance ratio of the webhoster must be right, of course.

Important basic knowledge in Internet law

After choosing the right web hoster, start-up founders need to think about other things, especially legal considerations. Every internet presence must be provided with an imprint. The domain name should be memorable and short. In the general terms and conditions, the Liability be excluded for links. Copyright and competition law must also be observed, as well as information and instruction obligations. The right of withdrawal informs consumers about their rights when buying online. Online shops that do not provide a cancellation policy or provide a faulty one must expect consequences. According to the new consumer law, buyers can revoke the contract for one year and 14 days. With proper revocation instruction it is only 14 days. In online shops, price quotations must be correctly composed. The final price must already include sales tax and VAT. With product photos, text content, videos and advertising material, attention must be paid to copyright. The elements must not be taken from other websites without being asked. Keep in mind that start-up founders quickly have to Warnings and claims for damages are exposed. Some companies have the Internet automatically checked for plagiarism. The risk of copied content attracting attention is therefore more than just high.

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