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Search engine optimized WordPress Image files not only pursue the goal of the best possible ranking at Google image search, but also to increase the visibility of the created website. But how does the search engine Your pictures as a meaningful part of the content? In this tutorial you will learn how to use formal and content aspects for Search engine optimization can be optimally designed.

Formal checklist of SEO of WordPress images

First of all, the file name of your image plays an important role. The keyword you have chosen should also appear here, as the Google crawlers will find your image or website via this term. DO NOT name your picture "bild1-150×150px.jpg", but rather in accordance with the picture content, e.g. "herbst 2010- kastanie.jpg".
Use lower case letters, numbers and hyphens, but avoid umlauts as this may irritate the browser search and your images may not be displayed.
In addition to the file name, the file size should also be adjusted, since images in original size slow down the speed of the website and are therefore negative for the user experience. So use an image editing program such as "Paint" and set an optimal aspect ratio of 4:3 in landscape format and an edge length of at least 300 pixels. If you place several images on your website, make sure that the formats are well mixed.
So, let's get to the title of the painting. This serves as the title of the picture and should be formulated as a keyword, e.g. "chestnut". In WordPress this keyword appears not only on the media list in the backend, but also on the so-called appendixes.Pages in the front end.
Information about the image is provided by the caption that appears as a caption under each image.

Special options: The Alt attribute

With WordPress you can also create an alternative text (alt- attribute) createwhich is supposed to provide information about the object in the picture and only appears in the source code of the website. This code also serves as Accessibility for people with impaired vision, who can still understand the content of your images.

However, important details only follow in the Descriptionwhich should contain information on the following questions: What is in the picture? What is the message of the picture?
In addition, WordPress offers the option to use the Plugin Create a subdirectory for images in "NextGen". Here you should definitely use the keyword, which will increase your chances to appear faster in the search engine.

Content aspects of SEO for WordPress images

The goal of image integration in WordPress is to Content of the website in the best possible way. With this thought your target group should be in the first place.
Who do you want to reach through what information? What benefit does the reader get from your website? It is important that your images add value to the reader and enrich the text.
To achieve a memorable effect on your target group, a clearly visible image content which you guarantee through the aspects described above.
To convey a strong emotional message, the message of the picture should be clearly presented. Is motivation conveyed? Is it about the expression of emotions?
Here it is important that your image content is presented as realistically as possible, because only this will have an authentic effect on the reader.
It can also be helpful to be able to Comparison with the competition by entering your own Keywords in the search engine, and see how others have implemented the idea. Try to fill in the formal aspects with a certain creativity and give your pictures an intrinsic value.
Now you should be able to implement the SEO of WordPress image files are no longer in the way!

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