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Hacked WordPress? This way you can get it back safely.

Have you ever forgotten your WordPress to keep up to date?At.den most webhosters there is the possibility to update WordPress automatically. But this usually only applies to WordPress itself and many Plugins which were imported via WordPress itself.However, if you have purchased a ready-made design package, it is usually not updated at the push of a button, but must be downloaded from the manufacturer and reinstalled. Some Premium Themes also offer the possibility of a separate Plugin the Theme to update files. But here you have to save your login data in WordPress, which is not always safe.At some point, security holes are always known which are then very quickly exploited.If it happened to you, you can try to clean WordPress from the infected files, but it is practically impossible to remove all infections.More sensible and faster is a new installation of the WordPress files. In most cases the WordPress Database are not affected by such an attack. So you can definitely use them again.Proceed as follows:Create you a Backup all Data and your database. Copy the wp-config.php file or make a note of the MySQL Password and the database settings. These must be added to the "fresh" wp-config.php file afterwards. If you want to use the W3 Cache plugin, you should also save the .htaccess file and if necessary Settings export.Make a note of all the directory names you find under /wp-content/plugins/ and /wp-content/themes. Have a look under "Design" to select which theme you are currently using.Delete your WordPress files completely. Please leave the databasePut in your Hosting Account a new Domain or subdomain that points to its own directory. For example, you can specify wordpress.yourcompany.com and put it in a separate directory.Then create a new database with the same database username and password. Just choose a different database name and, if necessary, the same database prefix.Install you then use wordpress preferably in the same version that you currently have installed. Alternatively, simply select the latest version.Log in to the new WordPress Installation and install your themes first, i.e. the one you are currently using. If it is a paid one, simply download the latest version of the theme directly from the manufacturer. Usually it is a .zip file that you upload. Afterwards, all plugins included in the theme will be installed in the current version.Then compare the list of installed plugins with the list from /wp-content/plugins/ of your old installation.Then install all missing plugins via your new WordPress. If you are using paid plugins, download them from the manufacturer and then install these .zip files.Now you're almost done.If you prefer method 1 you can now simply copy the whole content of your new WordPress installation into the old directory and edit the wp-config.php file and enter the old database data there. If you have checked the media files with a virus scanner, copy them back into the wp-content/uploads directory.If necessary copy the .htaccess file back and you can use your old WordPress installation again.  
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