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Database Server

A Database Server can be used as Software or be implemented as hardware in a database system In the majority of cases, it is part of a multi-tier server architecture. The Database Server hosts one or more database systems. The database server can be accessed via the application server, which contains the application software. For example, database servers provide company data about the application programs to the computers in Network at your disposal. They function as nodes in the network architecture of a company. Hardware, software and application possibilities of the database servers are the special field of the IT industry. Computer scientists with knowledge in the field of server architecture and network technology have specialized in the maintenance, care and recovery of database servers after system crashes.

Software based database server

Database systems, such as Oracle, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL have an enormous spread of applications. They are used in corporations, medium-sized companies and by private users. Before purchasing and implementing a network with database server, you should plan ahead. The role of the database server in the provision of data should be exactly defined. From the trade press and the Internet it can be researched whether the application software is error-free compatible with the database system or the database server. Error in data provision or data transfer lead to disruptions in the processes and to incorrect work results.

Database server in the form of hardware

In small and medium sized database systems the database server is constructed exactly the same as a normal network server. Storage units, connections and CPU are designed for implementation in a network. In large dimensioned networks of medium-sized companies and corporations, specially constructed computers are used as servers and as database servers.

Sources of error when using database servers

A database server is exposed to enormous loads during operation. The range of possible errors extends from overheating due to continuous operation, errors in the database software, mechanical damage to the storage media to damage by computer viruses and hacker attacks. Before starting a data recovery, the source of error should be determined exactly. Software errors can in most cases be corrected with tools of the database application.

The consequences of mechanical damage or hacker attacks should be eliminated by specialists. IT companies specialising in network and server technology have suitable rooms and technical equipment for professional data recovery. The Backup the Data from the database server can be supported in advance by regular backups. This helps in data recovery and minimizes the damage caused by computer crashes.

Freeware or well-known software companies?

The products of renowned software companies such as Oracle, Microsoft or SAP are of excellent functionality. Their prices can exceed the budget of medium-sized or small companies. Software-based database servers as freeware can work just as well as the expensive products of the market leaders. MySQL from the Swedish software house of the same name was developed as part of a research project. The source code is freely available. The usage is free of charge. The software for database server Firebird was developed within the software development of Borlans InterBase. SAP DB is an open source project of the world-famous Walldorf-based software manufacturer, which is freely available as a database server. The database servers mentioned above are excellently suited for the administration of data in the backend area and the provision of data stocks for transfer to workstations. The compatibility of the software with the frontend modules and the existing data formats should be checked before using a freeware database server.

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