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5 reasons to create a website

A not inconsiderable proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises refrain from establishing a homepage. After all, their construction is with time, Costs and possible problems. A well maintained Internet presence is indispensable for the maintenance of a corporate image, for customer acquisition and for information purposes. An Internet presence can also be expanded to include appearances in social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can be extended. We give you five reasons why a website in modern companies can no longer be ignored.

A separate website for companies: Indispensable communication tool for business customers

Business customers want to be wooed. There is a large number of competitors on the market, which is why not only the most cost-effective, but also the most reputable Provider can be selected. Numerous companies shy away from establishing their own homepage. With relatively little effort, an appealing website can be set up that attracts and retains new customers and can be used to build a positive corporate image. Basically, everything speaks for an own homepage - we will give you the five best reasons for building a homepage for business customers.

Number one: A lack of Internet presence leads to poor customer acquisition

Without a website, new customers can only be acquired by word of mouth. In general, the principle applies that companies that are Internet cannot be found, simply do not exist. A well maintained Internet presence with real faces, Addresses and telephone numbers conveys seriousness and professionalism. A company without its own homepage is considered backward and outdated by a not inconsiderable number of customers. A website should therefore already from aspects of Marketing be established. The opportunity to acquire new customers should not be underestimated. After all, almost all products and services are now searched for on the Internet. Even companies that do not sell services or goods via the Internet can benefit from a homepage. In "offline transactions", this serves at least to provide information about products and services. Studies confirm that at least 80 percent of offline purchases are made after such a process. Business customers for local shops or institutions can be generated above all if a company presents itself on a homepage in a competent and friendly manner. A website is of particular advantage if business customers are to be addressed on a regional level. Business customers are not averse to shopping in the region: However, they must knowthat there are products and services on site that have a high-quality character and are framed by an attractive customer service. Remember that your competitors are also represented on the Internet and have thus secured an enormous competitive advantage. You can simply google the Internet and look around at your five biggest competitors. As a rule, they already have an attractive Internet presence, which is used to constantly attract new customers. If your competitors do not yet have an Internet presence, you can seize the opportunity and gain a competitive advantage with your own homepage. And let's be honest: How do you proceed if you have had contact with a new customer or supplier? First of all, you look on the Internet and find out about the company in question. This makes it all the more important to establish your own homepage so that you can be found. Furthermore, the establishment and Backup a positive reputation of enormous relevance - after all, a few negative Reviews on the Internet to tarnish your reputation.

Number two: Control the corporate image

The term "corporate image" is used to describe the public image of a company. The Corporate Image is the idea of a company, which is built up in the consciousness of people. A distinction is made between the image of the company internally - towards its employees - and the public image. By means of an own homepage, information can be spread in a targeted manner, which is taken up and further disseminated by business customers. No matter whether SME or large corporation: it is unwise to leave it to others to form an opinion. This can lead to so-called "shit storms" and negative headlines. With press reports, employee CVs, the company history and regular news items, the corporate image can be built up according to one's own preferences. Those who withdraw completely from the Internet can, under certain circumstances, suffer not inconsiderable damage. If companies are given bad ratings on rating portals, this can deter new and existing customers. The public image should be enhanced by the targeted distribution of information. In addition, the Internet should be regularly searched for negative comments. In the case of untrue allegations, the site operator may request that the relevant Comments be demanded. In general, it should of course always be remembered that the assertions made must be true. Information about services, products or social commitment should be communicated honestly and openly. The more often such information is shared, the more comprehensively business customers can inform themselves about a company. Business customers want to communicate with real people and ideally see their faces. Try to show your employees a photo and a short Description on the homepage: This creates trust and proximity.

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