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The possibilities for creating a homepage

One of our own homepagewhether private or business, is simply a part of life these days. The ways to the website are as different as the internet presentations themselves. Especially newcomers to the online jungle are faced with the problem of deciding on a suitable option. The following do-it-yourself methods are available HTML-editor, homepage-Building set and Content-management system and professional web designers. Each method has its pros and cons and can be the right one depending on the project.

For do-it-yourselfers - homepage creation for beginners and professionals

Success through modular design

The own homepage to createis both a creative and a technical process. Because, in addition to the actual content, the layout and user-friendly design are also important. Laymen, advanced users and professionals like to manage this complex process with homepage construction kits, which allow an uncomplicated, free introduction to website design. In this case, however, the website is either financed by advertising or you have to pay a monthly fee for extended Premium- or additional services can be booked. After the Registration and from any Internet connection in the world, you can start online immediately in your browser, because you don't need Software on your computer install must. You choose the layout from a more or less extensive selection. This of course limits the individual design, because the probability that other websites have the same layout is high. Homepage construction kits are therefore not recommended if you attach importance to your corporate Design or stand out from your competitors with other unique selling propositions.

The contents, like texts, picturesGraphics, tables or multimedia elements are inserted and maintained in the editor, Instructions facilitate the entry. Here the individual Provider. Some allow you to drag and drop content to the desired location, while others allow you to do this through the appropriate desktop. Often the editors are similar to a WYSIWYG editor, where the content is displayed as it will appear on the later published website.

Another advantage of homepage construction kits is that Hosting and Webspace are included. Often a top-levelDomain or additional storage space can be purchased. A cumbersome transfer to the Web server is therefore not applicable. Unfortunately, the limits of design, growth and high visitor numbers are quickly reached with homepage construction kits, although there are now providers who also Shop systemsforums, a connection to social networks or an output for mobile devices, but usually only limited Databasessearch functions and search engine optimizations.

For each homepage the topic Security is extremely important, which is limited to a minimum with a homepage construction kit, because the provider installs security and software updates. For questions and problems E-mail-support, live chats, forums or mailing lists. A not to be disdained criticism of homepage construction kits is that, if the provider should discontinue its service, your website will also go offline. The homepage construction kit is therefore best used by private individuals, small businesses or Associations her first steps in Internet.

Dynamic websites high in popularity

If you would like to create a more meaningful homepage, but you lack the necessary programming skills, a content management system (CMS) is recommended. Rising user numbers illustrate a continuing trend, as more and more website owners are opting for a content management system and thus for a dynamic website. Even beginners can get started here without any previous knowledge, but it can take some time to get used to the system. If you want a professional Internet presence, at least basic knowledge of HTML is required, PHP and MySQL of advantage. Because, to place your homepage on the Server of the webhoster, you must first install a Database set up. This places increased demands on the hosting, since a CMS website requires more web space on a database-capable server.

Similar to the homepage construction kit, content management systems have ready-made layouts (here called templates) and different variants for structuring. Freely designed templates according to your corporate design are also possible. Free and compulsory extensions increase the design scope and interactivity of your website. With content management systems, web projects of any size and type can be realized, design changes can be made within a very short time. The most important distinguishing feature is the strict separation of template and content, these are only dynamically merged in the browser of the website visitor. In addition, content management systems allow for a distribution of rights, so that several editors can simultaneously access certain areas and change content.

For server- and client-side content management systems, you can choose between free open source licenses with freely accessible source code and paid licenses with non-visible source code. Open source licenses are widespread and optimized, but offer only limited support. Software adaptations are made late or not at all, which depends on the interest and commitment of the developer. Chargeable licenses are more future-proof, since they are subject to constant further development and adaptation. Server-side content management systems, which are Web host are suitable for small to large websites. Updates can be made from any Internet-enabled device and by multiple users simultaneously. Client-side content management systems, on the other hand, are stored on a dedicated computer and only from this computer can the website, especially with large amounts of data or media, be edited and transferred to the web host via FTP. Client-side content management systems do not require PHP. PHP is just like the dynamic Functions and database contents vulnerable to attacks.

Designed from the ground up

If you want to design a website from scratch, programming with a free or paid HTML editor is still the best option. However, a time-consuming training and acquisition of HTML-, XML-, CSS-, PHP, MySQL and other knowledge required. Also the creation of the static homepage itself, which needs much less webspace and is more secure against attacks, is an enormous time factor. Therefore you have complete freedom of design. Although the source code can be written with any text editor, an HTML editor makes the programming process a bit more comfortable. Some HTML editors support you in code generation, such as code completion, colored highlighting or error detection, and have a preview or FTP export function.Function. The disadvantage is that you have to write each page individually and extensive web projects are difficult to realize and maintain. Spelling mistakes and faulty codes can lead to display errors.

For work dividers - homepage creation by a web design-Agency

Especially if you want to run a successful online business, the homepage should increase your reputation and you want to concentrate on your daily business, professional support is advisable. Because a web design agency is a creative and experienced specialist for the Internet and knows about the current developments on the Internet. This is for example the case with Search engine optimization the website itself and the content is important and also benefits when choosing the optimal technology. Web designers deliver unique Internet presences that attract customers and help you to succeed. When hiring a web design agency, you should use your expertise, because you know your products, services and customers best. Web design agencies are in the first moment of all possibilities the most cost-intensive and also with changes and extensions there are follow-up costs, but save you a lot of time. In case of an individually created homepage the copyright and the product liability law come into play, so you should regulate the rights, obligations and other points in a contract for work.

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