Web space is the use of storage space on a Serverwhich is accessible via the Internet and to which you have permanent access.

What is web space?

Web space is the English word for "web storage" or also "online storage". Web storage works like your hard drive in your home PC, except that the data is stored online on a server and not on your computer. To use web space, you need an IT service provider who offers you this online storage space as part of an Internet service contract. Usually you will receive web space as part of a term contract for a domain, to store your documents, databases, web pages and files online on the provider's server and make them available to your customers or visitors to your website. The size of the web space you get varies depending on the provider. For the publication of a homepage you always need webspace, because the homepage has to be stored in the net (on the server of your provider), so that it is accessible for everyone over the internet and can react on requests of your customers and visitors.

Typical applications

The main application is to save your own web page on the server of the web space provider. Connected to this are all documents and files that you want to offer to the visitors of your site. E-mail accounts can also be set up in most cases and also use the online storage space. For smaller teams or groups, you can set up a password protected area that only certain user groups have access to. In this area data is stored online and made available to other users for further processing or use. The files are stored on the server and the user with password access can store and further process these files from anywhere in the world via the Internet on his local computer.


Costs for online storage

In the net you will find some free providers but also a variety of fee-based offers. Often with chargeable offers you get more functions in the area of data security, such as regular data backup. Chargeable providers are also usually better positioned in the area of support. In the case of free use, advertising banners or pop-ups are placed on your site to ensure that the free use is financed. If you need web space for business use, it is advisable to use a chargeable offer, as the retrieval of your data can be guaranteed even in peak times. For the private area a free use of web space is usually sufficient. By calculating the costs per megabyte you will get a good statement about the offer of the IT service provider. The lower the costs per month and the more storage space you get from your provider, the better the price-performance ratio.

You should pay attention to the following

There are numerous service providers for web space on the market. Usually you get web space always in connection with the possibility to manage one or more websites on a server. The size of the storage depends on the size of your wallet and the application for which you want to use the online storage. The more storage space you have available, the more flexibility the provider offers you. Business customers, in particular, should be aware that the expansion of your business activities is often linked to the increase in the online offering. Therefore, make sure that the costs for additional web space and the expansion of your website are manageable with your chosen service provider. Moving the entire site to another provider always means moving the data to another server and is associated with considerable effort and additional costs for the change.

Webspace providers can be found in our Web hosting provider directory.


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