Lead generation through content marketing

On the internet, content, i.e. the content of a website, worth its weight in gold. Because the design of a website can still be so beautiful. Without good content, this is not worth much.
Because even though the visitors feel addressed by the design at first, they stay on the website because they get the content they are looking for. For this reason, content marketing is essential. A website without visitors does not help any company, no matter if it is affiliate marketing or wants to refer its company.

With content marketing to new visitors

The principle is clear at first. You create good, well-founded content for your website, publish it and after a few weeks with this content you will be found in the search engines. So far so good. Now the visitors from the search engines come to your website, read your content, find your website really good and - disappear again into the depths of the internet.
This is exactly where lead generation comes into play. Because this is exactly where you have to bind your visitors to you and in this case this only works if you ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.
With every entry in your newsletter you will receive the email address and name of a potential customer and thus a new lead.
The more newsletter subscribers you have and the better your lead generation is, the more revenue you can generate from your website.
Because you also say: The money is in the list. That's why lead generation is essential for anyone who has their own website in order to move the website forward.
Because only those who can show a good number of leads can generate good income from their website. After all, leads, and therefore people who are interested in your content, ensure that you get traffic to your website.

Lead generation through content marketing

To get visitors for your website, you can either place ads via Adwords and/or FacebookYou can either switch to Twitter, Instagram and Co. or invest in really good content. You can either have this written (costs money here too, but saves your time) or write it yourself (only costs time first, in which you could take care of other areas of your business). Either way, money or time spent on content is not out. Because unlike paid advertising, you get a long-lasting return on your investment when you create content. Because content exists long after the budget for your ads on Adwords and co has already been used up.
Accordingly one can say: Content Marketing is not an expense but an investment. Because the more content you have on your website, the more possibilities you have to get free visitors through the search engines. And these visitors can become customers if they like what you see and read.
Because then you are also generating leads with your content marketing. Your visitors subscribe to your newsletter and you have the opportunity to address them again and again. Because the visitors have decided that you are worth to be entrusted with your name and email address.
You can only achieve this if your content (i.e. the content marketing you do) is so well-founded that your visitor entrusts you with his name and email address.
This is not an easy step for a visitor. Because this is his personal data, which you could abuse. You could resell it or send him so many emails that instead of valuable information, he feels like he's being Spam to receive. Therefore, it is first of all an overcoming for him to entrust you with his data.

If you do content marketing for lead generation, it is your task to convey in your texts that your visitors know that you do not want to spy on them but only want to provide them with valuable information.
If you can do this, nothing stands in the way of successful content marketing.

This also means that you can reach countless visitors and generate countless leads. But this only happens if you have enough content on your website.
Someone who puts five texts on his website is unlikely to achieve significant success in content marketing. He will rather throw in the towel in frustration, because he believes that content marketing and therefore lead generation "won't work anyway".

Lead generation works - but requires continuity

Lead generation through content marketing works today and will still work in a few years. After all, we all go on the Internet to research and find information on a topic. Anyone who wants to buy a new mobile phone first does research on the Internet. If you need new tyres for your car, first look on the Internet to see what tests say about the tyres you want. This list can be continued at will.
The Internet has long been an integral part of our everyday life. For this reason, it is essential that content marketers continually make new content available in order to generate sustained leads. Unfortunately, you can't put a lot of content on the website once and then generate subscribers forever, nor can you provide an article every now and then.
Continued lead generation requires continuity. Only then can you create trust in yourself and your brand among your newsletter subscribers. And only then will you be recommended to others, generate more traffic and rank higher in the search engines - which also leads to more traffic.


You don't need a list of several 10,000 leads to run a successful business on the Internet. With content marketing - and this is synonymous with good content - you create trust. The trust you build up with your customers will ensure that they come back to your website and buy your products - whether you sell them as an affiliate marketer or as a merchant. Because only the written word, videos or even podcasts can convince people that you are honest and that you care about the well-being of your visitors. The more personal the content, the more your visitors will be convinced that you are not only an expert in your field but that your business is based on the values of our society.
Only then can content marketing be used to generate leads and help build a business in the long run.

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