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veeam backup software for vmware and hyper-v

Virtual work environments are practical and can be used effectively, but they are also characterized by complexity due to their separate and distinct systems as a whole, i.e. on one and the same hardware. VMware and Hyper-V offer excellent setup and management capabilities. In addition, suitable backup software is important to ensure that the virtual environment can be restored seamlessly and smoothly if necessary. This is possible with Veeam Backup - available in different Editionstailored to the scope of requirements.

Veeam Backup Free Edition

If you have set up virtual work environments with VMware or Hyper-V on a smaller scale, have a limited budget or would like to convince yourself of the range of functions and reliability before using a more extensive full version, the Veeam Free Edition is suitable. The free tool is designed for the management of virtual machines, is characterised by clear configuration options, can be used for an unlimited time and is unlimited in terms of the number of environments.

With Veeam Backup Free Edition you can clone, export, copy and archive your entire virtual machines or selectively backup and restore individual files and objects. Back-ups are possible with the integrated tool VeeamZIP during operation, compression included. Further tools allow the management of Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Share Point, SQL and other environments, especially NT backup tapes. In case of a hardware defect or -update the complete migration to another host is possible. The option of the Cloud-Backup is not missing either. Despite the versatile range of functions, operation is uncomplicated thanks to an explorer-like working environment. One advantage of the Free Edition is the free use, but an update to a full version is possible at any time.

Further Editions

Veeam Backup & Replication is the more extensive, paid full version for Backup virtual work environments under VMware or Hyper-V, available as standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. A license key must be purchased for use. Another variant is Veeam Backup Essentials. This is suitable if you are responsible for the data centre in a small to medium-sized business. The Software is based on modern technologies and simplifies the entire administration and Administration infrastructure in terms of virtualization, backup and replication, among others. The goal is that you only need to use one single software to ensure reliable availability. For the Installation and configuration, no external support is usually required.

The Essentials version is based on Backup & Replication and Veeam One, so it includes their range of functions. In addition, automation processes simplify securing availability, whereby numerous environments, Databases and other complex components are integrated. The targeted management of individual elements is possible. Of course, the cloud connection is not missing here either.

The integration of Veeam One enables not only back-up and management through monitoring and reporting tools, but also seamless monitoring and evaluation of all processes and resources in the virtual environment. In the event of a performance degradation or back-up failure, you will be notified immediately so that you can intervene before ongoing operations are affected or major damage occurs. In addition, freely configurable reports allow you to detect weak points early on, which can be used as a basis for reliable capacity and resource planning.

Veeam Backup Essentials is limited to up to six sockets. As your infrastructure grows, Veeam Ability Suite provides you with an update option.

Veeam Backup Software for every need

The decision for Veeam has the advantage for you to be able to always choose the appropriate range of functions for your individual needs and to benefit from both transparency and Security of your virtual environments. It doesn't matter whether you run them with VMware or Hyper-V - parallel management is possible as well as switching from one system to another.

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