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5 tips how you can optimize your online shop today

For many entrepreneurs it is a dream of their own online Shop to have. Not having to stand in the shop, but being open 24 hours a day and not needing staff to cover opening hours is very tempting!
That is why more and more business owners are taking the plunge and letting a online shop create. But there is more to it than just the creation. In the following, we will take a look at what we can offer our customers to bind them permanently to our online shop.

Onlineshop - what now?

When your own shop finally opens in the Internet the work is by no means finished. Everything else that you normally do on site, you have to do online now. Here, too, intensive Advertising asked to simply put the shop online, will in very few cases lead to sales. Therefore: You should only start with our Tips an on-page Optimization and then increasingly seek external advertising with Google Adwords, Facebook Advertisements or something like that.

safe5 tips how you can optimize your online shop today

1. product descriptions

A product description should not simply be a copied text from the manufacturer. Apart from the fact that this is important for the position of your website in the search engines is not advantageous, because you have duplicate content, it is also quite boring for the customer to read the same thing about a product on every page.
Therefore, product descriptions should not be unbelievably lengthy, but should at least introduce the most important features of the product. This is the only way to get your customers to stay with you and take a closer look at the presented products.
It is also important that you match your product descriptions to the search terms optimise. Because this is the only way they can be ranked and found in the search engines. A good idea is also always to give added value to the product descriptions. Because only interesting texts are really read.

Another possibility to improve product descriptions shows us for example Amazon. Here the Provider Videos which show the product to be purchased in detail. In some online shops there is also, for example, a corresponding part for listening to the film or piece of music that is offered.
Musical instruments can also be presented to the future buyer.

2. product pictures

Often stepmotherly neglected, product images are the be-all and end-all for online shopping. Because we are all visually oriented and buy what we like. We are already convinced of a product or not long before we have read the product description. Simply by looking at the product pictures. Therefore you should look at the product pictures carefully and if necessary create them yourself, if the pictures are not good from the manufacturer.

3. customer service

There are now incredibly many online shops. In order to be able to stand up to the big shops, you have to offer the customer a good Service offer. This includes not only help with problems. It is also important that the customer has a contact person. For this purpose, you could actively search on Facebook for people who have a problem with the products you also offer.
The closer you are to the customer, the greater the bond you can build and the more fans and therefore customers you will have. Especially for small companies, personal commitment is more likely to reach their customers than paid advertising. Because these make the big, nameless and faceless companies enough. You, on the other hand, have the great advantage of being able to take time for your customers and really help them.

A good customer service also means that you answer your customers' emails promptly. This way all inquiries and problems should be solved within 24 hours. If necessary, simply call the customer and help in a personal conversation. This is exactly what makes an impression, as hardly any company does this. But this personal customer contact can really lead to customers for life.

4. provide information

As in the product description, you can also provide additional information on your website so that customers can find out more about your products. On a Blog you or a member of staff can give helpful tips and tricks, for example on software products. Tutorials are welcome and rank very well in the search engines. So it is a good idea to build a blog and to post new content there regularly.
This useful content appeals to users who come to you via the search engines. The more free content you have, the greater the chance that you will be found.

5. customer retention

Once you have acquired a new customer, it is a good idea to retain them and encourage further purchases. For example, a customer may not want to buy anything today from the products you offer him in Newsletter offer. However, this may look completely different next week. Therefore it is completely ok to address your customers again and again, for example with newsletters.
It is important here that you send the newsletter regularly, for example every week or every two weeks. This way you will be remembered by your customers.
Even small gifts maintain the friendship. So if you distribute a discount coupon to your newsletter subscribers or point out a new download of your latest eBook, your customers will gratefully accept it.


You can still implement the tips listed here today, but you should never stop optimizing your products and content. This is the only way to reach new customers by providing new content, while at the same time retaining existing customers.
Because even as an online seller you should always start from yourself. You also prefer to go to the shops or stores on the Internet where you feel well looked after. One would like to be well served and advised and, by the way, save one or two euros.
With our tips you can do just that. They talk about the Content Marketing new customers via the search engines and give you a reason to buy from you again through comprehensive customer service and good advice - not least because of a good product description.

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