For the perfect photo book you need the right preparation

In recent years, the popularity of photobooks has increased dramatically. The reasons for this are obvious, because beautifully packaged memories are always looked at with pleasure and give pleasure. No matter whether you want to capture the impressions of the past vacation or capture the most important moments of your wedding on celluloid, a photo book offers you good possibilities.

Careful considerations are the beginning

If you decide to design or print a photo book, you should consider a few points in advance. Because it's about holding on to memories or to tell a little story, which should be coherent and well done to please the recipient or yourself. In addition to the basic consideration of what the photo book should represent for you, it is also a matter of choosing the supplier as well as the design and the paper. The cover page and the font design also need to be determined, whereby the overall visual impression should be the focus here. Of course, you should also keep an eye on the price of the overall project and ideally write everything down in the form of a to-do list. A key point that you need to decide is the question of print quality. Here you have the choice between a real photo print and a digital print, whereby photo books in the former quality tend to be characterized by thick Pages stand out. But if, for example, you want to record your last holiday in a book and have taken panoramic photos, you should definitely opt for real photo printing. This is because the pages are bound so that there is no fold in the middle. However, if you decide on a cheaper option, digital printing is the right choice.

A photo book consists of several factors

On the one hand, you should think carefully about how big your photo book should be. On the one hand, you have to decide between portrait and landscape format, whereby the theme of your photo book virtually already determines the choice. Large formats are also better suited if you want to capture a beautiful journey photographically, for example, because this is the only way to really bring out the atmosphere. The traditional formats are 10 x 15 centimetres, also known as pocket size, and 18 x 18 centimetres as medium size. The classic photo book measures 29 x 21 centimetres and is ideal for wedding photos or when you want to photographically welcome your new family member. The large format should not go unmentioned, which is impressive at 30 x 40 centimetres. However, most suppliers of photo books also offer you the option of choosing special formats. The heart-shaped photo book should be mentioned here, which is very popular in connection with weddings. But you can also have the photo book created in different formats. For this purpose, one in A3 is ideal as a reminder for the bridal couple, while the book in A4 is suitable as a reminder for the best man and the bridal couple's parents. A photo book in pocket format on the other hand is a welcome memory for the wedding guests.

Pay attention to details in the photo book

Even if photos are already meaningful enough, a well-done photo book is characterized by the fact that it also contains text passages next to the photos. And this is one point that you should definitely bear in mind when choosing a photo book. Because you have to adapt the font exactly to the format. Even if some providers do this automatically when you adjust the format, you should be sure to do it yourself. With smaller formats, pay attention to the proportions, which can considerably disturb the harmony of a picture.

Joy for all involved

With a photo book, you can give your loved ones moments to remember, no matter whether you want to bring your grandparents living far away closer to the first year of your offspring's life or give your loved one wonderful thoughts of the time spent together.

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