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Deutsche Telekom opens FTTH network for Vodafone

Vodafone is able to offer its customers Internet connections via Telekom's fibre-optic network thanks to a cooperation agreement.

Vodafone has had the option of using the infrastructure of Deutsche Börse AG via a contingent contract since 2013. Telekom fixed-network connections based on VDSL with (super) vectoring. The two groups have now extended their cooperation by a further ten years and expanded it to include Telekom's FTTH network (Fibre to the Home). Vodafone will thus be able to offer its customers Internet tariffs in which even the last section from the distributor is handled via fiber optics instead of copper cable.

The extended cooperation seems to be a reaction to the End of the fiber optic offensive with Vodafone, while Deutsche Telekom recently announced "Number one in fiber optics" to want to become.

Goal - Attract customers to the cable network.

Despite the new cooperation, Vodafone is trying to attract more customers to its own cable network, which enables significantly higher profits per connection. In the past fiscal year, Vodafone was able to attract 381,000 new Cable-customers. 110,000 of the new customers were DSL switches, i.e., customers who previously used Telekom's network.

Cooperation to increase utilization of fiber optic networks

In addition to strengthening Vodafone in regions where the company has not yet expanded its own cable fiber optic network or will not do so, the primary goal of the cooperation is to increase the utilization of Telekom's existing network. The aim is to ensure that the infrastructure can be operated economically in order to finance further expansion.

"We are securing with this Contract the utilization of our broadband network. And we receive financial resources that we reinvest in the expansion of our networks."

Dirk Wössner, Head of Telekom Germany

Vodafone opens fibre optic network Telefónica

In addition, Vodafone recently entered into a cooperation with Telefónica in the fixed network sector. In the mobile sector, the two companies and Deutsche Telekom have been working together for some time to cooperatively drive network expansion. This is necessary in order to meet the requirements of the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) and, like the CHIP network test 2020 has already led to initial successes.

The new fixed network partnership allows Telefónica to supply its own customers via Vodafone's fibre optic network. Download speeds of up to 250 Mbit/s can be achieved. This is made possible by interconnecting the networks at numerous locations and implanting new Software.

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