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The abbreviation IMAP in the long form means Internet Message Access Protocol. This is a protocol for e-mail access with commercially available e-mail standard programs. IMAP is used to connect to the Server Sending and receiving e-mails. In addition, only the subject matter can be viewed, so that the entire e-mail content can only be viewed via an additional download. Individual folders can be assigned and e-mails can be moved, deleted or searched for. In addition, various folders on the server can be completely redesigned. create. It is also possible, for example, to search exclusively for certain annexes of a E-mail to search.

POP3 and its functions compared to IMAP

E-mails that are read via Post Office Protocol 3 are no longer available on the server. IMAP e-mails, on the other hand, can be read by several devices and always remain stored. A deletion on the server only occurs if the e-mails are deleted manually. A current status is also always synchronized.


POP3 only forwards the e-mails and then deletes them on his server. To archive these emails permanently, a separate storage facility must be created. However, the use of the email archiving solution is completely simple.Mail Processing at IMAP. Here the e-mails remain on the server and the user does not have to take any further action.

Properties of IMAP

The text-based protocol IMAP allows server access to specific e-mails in a folder. It is also possible to open a specific e-mail. Because all e-mails are stored on the Server remain saved, there is no need to save locally. An active Internet connection is required to access the folders. All incoming e-mails are saved and synchronized accordingly when an Internet connection is restored so that they are visible to the user. With IMAP IDLE, push mails are possible that are reported immediately when they arrive. The pushmail technology prevents further data traffic and significantly purges the entire system. At a quick glance, it is immediately apparent which new e-mails have arrived. However, in order to comply with data protection regulations, the server connections are encrypted. After all, e-mail exchange means that many personal Data which affect the data protection interests of the individual.

Advantages of IMAP

IMAP is characterised by many Advantages off. Particularly when the e-mails are accessed from several end devices, permanent synchronization has the advantage that the e-mail status is always up-to-date. In addition, the e-mail account can be accessed from several devices in parallel. Not only can the e-mail be called up or read. Rather, the e-mails can also be processed simultaneously. The operating system of the respective device is not important. Simultaneous use is possible with all operating systems. This means that e-mail inboxes can be processed by several users. IMAP is especially advantageous for non storage-intensive end devices. The search for e-mails is done directly by the server, which has sufficient storage capacity. This means that even from a mobile device, it is possible to work comfortably in large e-mail mailboxes. Furthermore, all data volumes are completely reduced. This allows a slim and above all fast processing of the e-mails. Otherwise, it would not be possible to process the e-mails in a meaningful way in a short processing rhythm. The push procedure accelerates the e-mail delivery because the e-mails are delivered immediately.

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