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A blog is a wonderful hobby. There are many people with their own weblog. Some run it only on the side and neglect it quickly. Others turn to their online project daily with deep passion and write article after article. Especially with such a flood of blog posts it can be difficult to find new ideas every day. A similar situation exists if you have just started a blog and, due to a lack of experience, have not yet been able to find a feel for suitable topics. This guide article is intended to help you (re)find your own creativity and give you new ideas.

The right topic for a blog

If your blog is still in the planning phase, you should consider opening a themed blog. A themed blog is dedicated to a specific area of interest. Here, your options range from cosmetics and fashion to technology and medicine to pets. You have free choice as long as you stay within the limits of legality. The other alternative is a private blog, where you simply tell your readers what you are in the mood for. Note that especially with long-running blogs, the focus of your interests may shift. If you suspect that this could be the case for you, you should choose a flexible blog name.

Find a blog topic

If you want to have a theme blog, there are several ways to choose the right theme. If you are particularly well versed in one area, then this could be the topic of your choice. You can also do it the other way around. If you are currently unfamiliar with a subject but would like to learn, you can let your visitors participate in your learning process. Of course you can also proceed strategically and think about money. You then choose a blog topic that promises particularly high income (e.g. from advertising partners).

Ideas for exciting articles

Once you have set up your blog, the next challenge is to come up with ideas for great articles. It's a little easier if you blog just for yourself (and still enjoy the occasional reader). Because then you can write whatever comes to your mind. You can even blog several times on the same topic and just make a whole series out of it. It's different if you want to write mainly for your readers. Because then the topics should be really exciting and informative. A little creativity is needed here when it comes to finding a good new blog post topic.

1. orientate on current news

If you want to attract as many visitors to your blog as possible, you should not ignore the latest news when you are brainstorming. Current news is often searched for on Google. If you're fast and have written a suitable post, you have a good chance of a decent ranking on Google. By the way, the news doesn't necessarily have to match the topic of your blog. With a little creativity, you can combine news and blog topic. But don't overdo it. War and cosmetics will hardly go together. The only exception: Your blog has a personal touch and you appear as a person yourself. In this case you can make a short statement on certain topics before you turn to the actual post.

2. optimization for specific keywords

You can find out which keywords are relevant for your blog topic. There are various tools available online for this purpose. The automatic completion that Google offers when you enter a search term can already be useful. This shows you which terms are most frequently searched for in connection with the entered term. Write a suitable article about this. The suggested terms should appear several times in this article. This way you will have done some search engine optimization right away, which with a little luck will improve your ranking on Google.

3. be inspired by pictures

Images can be a great source of inspiration. Enter the theme of your blog in Google Image Search. But don't blog about the images you find. Just pick up topics that are displayed in the images. If they are royalty-free photos (make sure you check them first!), you can also use them for your blog.

4. use creativity techniques

Creativity techniques can be helpful in discovering hidden ideas. There are several types of these techniques - a search on Google will get you there quickly. For example, you can create a mind map or brainstorm. It's also a good idea to create a notebox for spontaneous ideas so you don't forget them again.

5. read other blogs

Other blogs can be a great help in finding new topics. Anyway, as a blogger you should read other people's blogs and comment on articles. With such a comment you have the possibility to leave the address of your blog and in this way you can reach new visitors. If you have discovered an interesting topic in a foreign blog, you can pick up this topic in your blog and write your own opinion about it. Don't forget to mention the other blog - maybe this will create a mutual relationship that will bring you more new readers.

6. if you are more successful: Delegated Articles

There is also the possibility for you as a blogger to write paid articles. However, you will only have this opportunity if you already have a successful blog. Because only then will it be worthwhile for your client to invest in an article with you. The reason for this: Your readers should be reached with the commissioned article. For this, a sufficient number of readers must be available.

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