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The 5 elements of a good landing page

When you are called Visitors when you arrive on a landing page, you almost always feel exhausted. Wearied by the flood of information that comes rushing at you. Especially in the American area landing pages are very popular and we Germans stick to the example and create also landing pages with lots of text, pictures and not to forget the "Call-to-Action Buttons".
Recently, we have added another essential element: Video. After all, video on the web has become standard and you can build a much more personal relationship with your counterpart.
This is all correct so far. Nevertheless, one should consider whether more is always a good idea. So more text, more video, more pictures and more calls to buy.

The landing page in the real world

As a rule, no one can be "persuaded" to buy something that they do not need at all. As an example, a car wash centre can be mentioned here. Directly in front of the car wash, a construction site was set up and over the course of weeks, repairs and work were carried out there. This seemed to be quite a restriction for the car wash and must have led to a loss of turnover. However, this did not seem to be the case. When the first rays of sunshine came out after the winter, all car drivers seemed to have decided that they had to wash their cars. This was only natural, after all, the dirt was supposed to come off the winter.
Good for the wash park: The motorists found the entrance to the car park half covered, well concealed from the construction site, without any major problems. Even better, they had no problem making a detour via the adjacent workshop to reach the washing park.
The conclusion here is clear: even though the car wash hardly had a "landing page" (i.e. a driveway) thanks to the construction site, car drivers who wanted to wash their cars found their way there.
This shows us one thing very clearly: If you want a product (in this case a car wash), you will find it.

What does this mean for a landing page?

First of all, it takes the pressure off your shoulders. Because it's clear that customers who are convinced of your product will buy - no matter how good or bad your landing page is. Only if the "buy now" button doesn't work, you won't make a sale.
However, it is also important that you establish a relationship with your customer. Since you cannot be present in person, you must do this with video, pictures and text. What counts in the end is the overall picture and less a single point.

The 5 elements of a good landing page

However, you should not do without five important elements on a good landing page. Unlike the car wash, you cannot describe your service with a single word but must explain to the customer what he gets for his money.

1. your unique selling proposition (USP)

Explain to the customer exactly what you offer. Don't let them scroll through your sales text for a long time until they know what they can get at what price. Communicate this very clearly at the beginning. That way you don't waste your time and that of your customer. Nothing is more annoying than spending 10, 20 or even 30 minutes with text that you wouldn't have to read to understand what you can get at this point.
Start with a meaningful headline and a supporting subline. Say exactly what you offer and above all what makes your offer unique.
If you convince at this point, your customer will read on. After all, you have already made it clear to him why the offer you have is interesting for him.

2. your sales video

After you have talked about your unique selling point, it is a good idea to contact us personally. At Internet you can do this with the help of a Videos do. In the video you can introduce yourself and show your product in use. If you do not have the possibility to create a video, you can of course do this with text and pictures. But this is more difficult than with a video. In a video your personality is better expressed.

3. the advantage of your offer

At this point you can once again find all the essential Advantages of your offer in the form of a list. This is especially useful for people who don't watch your video right away, and who may not be able to see your selling points first. Create a list and write down all the arguments for a sale again.

4. the recommendation of other customers

Show what others have to say about your product. No sales argument is stronger than the so-called "Social Proof". If others already have your product and find it "good", show it. Ask these customers for a statement and gladly also for a photo to show on your landing page. Because if others assure you of their support, it is very likely in the eyes of your potential new customers that your product is not bad.

5. your "Call to Action"
Your "Call to Action" is nothing more than a call to either carry out the purchase now or, for example, to enter your Newsletter to obtain further information.
Both approaches are legitimate. However, you should be aware that your customers will need to contact you up to seven times before they finally make a purchase. For this reason, it is better not to ask directly for a purchase here, but to first email address to your mailing list.
For the customer this hurdle is much easier to overcome, at the same time you have the possibility to get in touch again. At this point, you could lose the question about the purchase of your product even more often than you win. Therefore it is better to ask for the email address first than to buy.


In order to Design of a landing page, many myths have been created. Of course, one may convert better, i.e. lead to a purchase or contact, than another. In the end, however, it is important not to ambush the potential customer but to show him why he should choose you and your offer. If he thinks this suits his needs, sooner or later he will press the "buy now" button, just like the car wash customers find a way to have their car washed.

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