TYPO3 hosting by agency and still save

TYPO3 is a free content management framework for websites. This CMS was developed by Kasper Skårhøj, based on the scripting language PHP. As databases Oracle, PostgreSQL and MariaDB as well as MySQL can be used by them, if you decide to use this CMS. Furthermore, many more functions can be integrated into TYPO3. These can be easily integrated as extensions. And this without having to write your own program code for it. TYPO3 is suitable for you, if you run a small or medium-sized business and want a multilingual internet presence for your company. Large companies can of course also profit from TYPO3. TYPO3 is a very professional system, which is one of the safest CMS ever developed. You can use TYPO3 to implement a very simple project, but also to tackle and manage a highly complex project. The TYPO3 hosting helps you to find the right functions.

Consulting by TYPO3 hosting agencies

The reason why you should seek advice from a TYPO3 hosting agency is that these agencies have a great deal of experience in implementing TYPO3. Many agencies have been in the TYPO3 hosting market for more than a decade. Their experience in TYPO3 hosting ranges from the implementation of small microsites to corporate websites with little information to complex workflow management systems, into which a multitude of sophisticated TYPO3 extensions had to be incorporated. Even before you choose an agency, you can have a look around the market without obligation. The references in TYPO3 hosting can be especially helpful, which the agencies themselves are happy to present on their own websites. You will see that websites with TYPO3 are very flexible and scalable and always suitable for the demanding tasks. Then you can choose an agency for TYPO3 hosting and talk to the experts there about your specific project/problem that needs to be solved with TYPO3. The TYPO3 hosting agency will then make suggestions on how you can finally work with TYPO3, which can be set up individually, in a user-friendly way. Even if you hire an employee for the internal administration of TYPO3, who has no great or no knowledge of TYPO3, the CMS can be easily and safely used in your company. When choosing an agency for TYPO3 hosting, the TYPO3 upgrades are the best option. Because TYPO3 should be updated regularly. The reason for this is that there are no security gaps. The new versions offer then up to the next offered upgrade among other things again an increased protection against hacker attacks. The TYPO3 hosting agencies have put together web packages for all their offers and additional services. These are worth comparing for you. The packages vary greatly from agency to agency in terms of price and scope. The version updates are automatically installed by the agencies on request. You will of course be informed about this beforehand.

Save costs through manual extension update

If you want to save money, you can also choose just a basic package at TYPO3 hosting. Because to integrate single extensions into the already existing CMS is very easy. You can choose from almost 5000 extensions, just as you would if you were using TYPO3 hosting. These now offer the right extension for almost every application - whether it is a guestbook, a news module, a picture gallery or a forum. The provider you entrust with TYPO3 hosting will - even if you do this part of the maintenance and care of the CMS yourself - automatically update the extensions you have already integrated. Especially if security gaps should exist. However, this so-called auto-update is not possible in all cases. The reason for this is that in some cases individual adjustments have been made to the extension. These would be lost again by an update. In some cases you can not avoid a manual extension update in the TYPO3 backend. To do this, first open the TYPO3 extension manager and log in. Then select the menu item Extensions in the admin tools area. Then click on Get/Update and load the list of extensions and then click on the menu item Update extensions. All extensions for which an update is currently available are displayed here. You have to select and update each extension individually. Additionally, some extensions also require a database update.

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