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Agency ehrenwert UG - your reliable IT professional

The agency ehrenwert UG was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing IT customers of all sizes with a competent and reliable Service to offer. This includes the provision of the necessary technologies for your Internet presence. The webhosting rates start with an excellent scope of services at an extremely fair price and continue with a staggered scope of functions. Here private individuals and companies alike find the ideal conditions for an appealing, functional online presentation. With increasing company size the requirements grow, therefore extensive services up to Managed IT the portfolio - customer requirements and effectiveness always in view.

Web hosting: the Göttingen Seven

Home of the agency ehrenwert UG is Göttingen. Although it is a right young company, value is placed here on tradition, as the web hosting rates show. They are named after the Göttingen Seven - personalities who have made a name for themselves in the city. The service provider has the same goal and therefore attaches great importance to customer friendliness, reliability and competence.

You have the choice between a tariff with one to ten inclusive domains and five to 500 MySQL-Databases and E-mail-Addresses. The available Webspacewhile the Traffic is always unlimited. PHP, Perl and CGI are available in every tariff. Administration and individual configuration is done through Plesk Webspace. Here, depending on the number of domains, additional licenses can be purchased as a package if required. Special SEO-tariffs round off the honourable web hosting offer.

For the underlying technologies, the agency ehrenwert UG relies on modern standards with strong resources and optimal configurations for frequently used Content-management systems: The prerequisites are geared to high capacity utilization. In dealing with customers, however, competence and service have priority - the honourable employees will be pleased to support you free of charge with the setup of your Internet presence or also with a Relocation.

If you need a virtual server, the portfolio of the agency ehrenwert UG also includes several well thought-out tariffs - named after the Göttingen Eighteen.

Additional services and IT services

For sensitive Data you have the possibility to purchase various individual and wildcard certificates. This way you guarantee your customers the optimal Protection their privacy and personal data.

If they grow tasks in your company, you can also count on the agency honorable UG. Regardless of the industry and company size, you will receive IT solutions tailored to your needs. These include, in particular, back-up systems, automation, the setting up of a helpdesk and the maintenance of existing systems. The latter is useful for example for content management systems, which are regularly updated and updated to Security must be tested to ensure smooth operation.

Thus the agency ehrenwert UG offers everything from one source - private individuals, self-employed persons and small businesses are in good hands with the Göttingen professionals just as much as large companies that have to master special requirements.

Provider: Agency Ehrenwert UG (limited liability)

URL: https://www.ehrenwert-it.de

eMail: briefkasten@ehrenwert.it


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