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Video optimization on YouTube

Since then at the latest Google YouTube it is clear how important Videos for the Internet have become. Faster and faster Internet access is also ensuring that video content is becoming increasingly popular and is consumed millions of times a day. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for website operators to make video content available. Visitors and future customers love to watch small but nice videos to inform themselves about products and services.

Videos must also be found

Your Video but no matter how good and informative, no matter how well prepared and planned and no matter how funny, if no one finds it, it will disappear into the depths of YouTube and Co.
Many video content creators fail to consider one essential point: Google cannot read videos in the same way as the search engine reads web page texts. Also there we try to provide the search engine with OptimizationThe aim is to make it as easy as possible to find the right keywords, structure, enumeration and use them. For video content, this approach is initially left out. You should consider how important it is that you optimize your videos accordingly and Google helps you not only to find them but also to read them.
Because meanwhile there is a lot of video content and many 1000 new videos are produced daily. If you don't want to get lost in the crowd, you have to present your videos in a way that they can be found.

How to help understand Google video content?

As is so often the case on the Internet, the answer is text. Videos also want to be described and optimized and in the best case with subtitles to be found. width=

If you upload your videos YouTube, you can do a lot for the optimization.

1. search terms

First of all you should corresponding keywords for your video. The Google Keyword Planner helps you to find keywords that many searchers have but little competition.
The best way is to match each video to a search term optimise. You should mention this in the title and in the text for the Description of the video again.

2. tags

Use the possibility to enter your search term in the Tags to enter. YouTube provides a field for this when you upload your video. This is also where all related search terms belong. For example, if you have a garage and show a tire change, you could Tags such as changing tyres (as the main keyword), changing tyres, change tyres, use summer tyres, winter tyres and similar. Tags help you to be found. Therefore you are welcome to add some more tags here.

3. description of your video

Also in the description of your video you should use your main keyword and other suitable search terms. With the help of the description Google and thus YouTube knows what your video is about. Only then can the search engine send you the appropriate visitors. So it is a good idea to describe the video in detail in the description. Treat the Text in the description the same way you would write a text on your website ...to treat you. Give important information, structure the text and use not only your main keyword but also related search terms to describe your video. If you provide a detailed description, this alone will give you a significant step ahead of your competitors. Most people who produce a video no longer waste enough time to describe it in detail.

4. subtitles

Subtitles in the video are actually only used if the target audience does not know the language used in the video. But subtitles are also useful for users. People with disabilities know appreciate it very much if your videos are transcribed (= written) and you can follow them.
YouTube transcribes your videos automatically - even into different languages. Unfortunately, the translation is often really terrible, so that the sense is completely missed. For this reason you should have a look at the transcription in the video manager and correct it if necessary. In this way, you will not only help disabled people but once again set yourself apart from the competition.

5. embedding on the own website

A created video should of course always be embedded on your own website. After all, this is also Content and video content is positively evaluated by Google.
Be careful not to use the same text that you used to describe your video on YouTube. After all, this would also be considered a duplicate Content and in the worst case be punished by Google.


Video content to create is much more complex than the creation of text, but also much more valuable for the search engines. But it is important that you not only plan time for the creation of your video but also for the creation of the texts to describe your videos on YouTube and your website. Because it is true: Google cannot (yet) read video content and needs your help with a detailed description.

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