Prevent WordPress Spam Comments - The measures

Surely you too have already been informed by SPAM Comments in Word Press surprised. First the great joy that so many people are interested in the articles and in the end it is some Chinese pharmaceutical companies who want to sell your illegal substances. Annoying is not only the fact that I am fake comments, but also that you have to laboriously delete and sort them out. In this article you will learn how to prevent SPAM comments.

Nofollow - Genuine opinion and added value

An optimal measure would be to set the comment area to Nofollow. This has two advantages. You receive comments with added value and not from some spammers who just want to download your link. In this case, this does not only apply to robots that spam, but also to other bloggers who have made it their business to post their pseudo-opinions everywhere. Even if you think it's good that it's advertising, it can be detected in a few seconds. Meanwhile "nofollow" at WordPress already pre-installed. If this is not the case or if you want to allow comments with follow link again, you can change this manually. Open in the admin editor the "comment-template.php" and search the code $return = "$author"; . There remove the "external nofollow", if you allow it, or add it, if it is not there, to prevent the following of external links.

Using a plugin to set No follow

If you don't want to snip around in the code and are looking for a clean solution via a plug in, you will find some possibilities. There is for example the plugin NoFollow Free. In this plugin you can set, among other things, that the reader is allowed to set a link from 10 reader opinions. So you can observe your readers and reward them for valuable opinions. Of course, there are unfortunately also spammers who leave 100 comments in one day. These are best marked directly with the spam blocker, which is directly integrated in WordPress. If you read the comment, you will find different buttons on this page. For example: unlock the comment, spam, delete etc.

Plugin that prevents spam as good as possible

Some spammers don't care if a nofollow is standing or not. Comments are sent automatically and cannot be completely prevented even with the Nofollow entry. But there is a helpful plugin, which has already made its round in the community. It is Akismet, which is already pre-installed. It already filters some Spammer and ensures that less spam is leaked.

Make life difficult for spammers with Capchta plugin

Surely you too have struggled with Capchta puzzles, some of which are unsolvable. However, blurred pictures and strange arithmetical problems keep spammers away. Who really wants to comment and has something to say, solves the puzzle with bravura. Computer-generated spam usually fails here and that is the purpose of a captcha. That's why they are quite effective and useful, even if they annoy us users a lot.

User registration required

For large sites and news portals, it makes sense to insist on user registration. The reader must register in advance and may only then give his opinion. Regular readers who like the blog are happy to do so. Others who have just flown by often find the registration procedure too cumbersome. Those who want to turn off your link, on the other hand, are happy to sign up. Therefore, this measure is only worthwhile if a Nofollow is also set. Tip: Meanwhile, many bloggers use a Facebook Plug in. The user can log in directly with his Facebook name and post his name on the page. For pages where there is a lot of discussion and bitching, a successful alternative to WordPress reader registration.

Bottom line: Unfortunately the web does not work without spam. In order to keep a nice picture, you should view all comments in advance and activate them afterwards. This way you prevent unnecessary comments from attracting attention. Reward your loyal fans with nice words or join link communities. That way everyone benefits. Concentrate on the positive and less annoying, then blogging is much more fun.

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