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Affilate Theme by affiliatemarketing.io: the easy way to affiliate marketing

You are interested in Affiliate Marketingbut know not exactly how you should design your first websites and earn money with it? Then try the Affiliate Theme for WordPress by affiliatetheme.io. Even without knowledge in the field of web designprogramming & Co. you can thus affiliate your website within a short timePages, Landing Pages and similar projects that really help you to get started with affiliate marketing to make money.

What is the Affiliate Theme?
The theme of affiliatetheme.io can easily be used for existing WordPress pages. It is a typical complete solution. That means: No further plug-ins are necessary, also programming knowledge or experience in web design is not required.

The functionality behind the Affiliate Theme is quickly explained:

1. you create by means of the Affiliate Themes a website. This may be a landing page act for a specific product - like high-quality headphones.

2. by SEO-measures will Visitorswho are looking for headphones with Google & Co., find it on your new website. There you place links to Amazon and other major mail order companies.

3. if the visitor of your website buys the product, you will receive a Commission from the merchant - in our example Amazon.

This is the principle behind affiliate marketing. The Affiliate Theme helps you to exploit this opportunity for passive additional income more easily than before.

The Affiliate Theme is suitable for beginners as well as users who have already gained a lot of experience in the field of affiliate marketing.

Why can the Affiliate Theme be worthwhile?
Theoretically it would also be possible to develop product pages completely without an Affiliate Theme, to develop them with Content and put it online. The Service of affiliatetheme.io facilitates these numerous work steps however and brings along among other things the following useful features:

1. individualization
Standardized themes have the reputation of often being very similar. However, from an SEO technical point of view, and thus also in direct relation to the later turnover, this is not very clever. The affiliate theme can therefore be individualised in many ways: individual parts of the website can be deactivated, but you can also change colour values or the basic layout. Although it is basically a modular system, the Affiliate Theme for WordPress allows you to create a right high degree of personalization.

2. automation
As soon as you get more involved with affiliate marketing, you will want to promote more than just a handful of products. In order to prevent this process from wasting a large part of your life time, the affiliate theme can also be operated automatically through interfaces to large partners. The theme then imports important product data independent for your website, a regular update helps with product information and productUpdates. This keeps the manual effort within limits.

3. Shortcodes
From programming in HTML, CSS, PHP & Co. don't you understand anything? With the Affiliate Theme you avoid extensive programming work. By using shortcodes, which are explained in the documentation of the theme, quite complex tasks can be implemented relatively easily. You can determine the number of products per page, insert tabs in the navigation, limit blog posts, show an info box and much more. You do not have to deal with programming languages.

4. product management
Above a certain number of products, the administration of the total quantity by hand would be far too costly. Product management is therefore included in the Affiliate Theme. Theoretically you can use the Database an infinite number of products create, Reviews of buyers or offer a price comparison. With enough work, your website will then not differ too much from a "real" one. online shop. This in turn leads to customer confidence and therefore higher sales - and ultimately you, above all, benefit from this.

In addition, you can bind interactive Widgets or refresh the Design of the website by using suitable icons or self-selected fonts. If you work intensively with the Affiliate Theme of affiliatetheme.io, you will be able to present a website that differs clearly from any other competitor despite the modular system.

Is it worth the effort?
If you want to do affiliate marketing seriously and not just "for fun" on the side, the design and functionality of your website(s) is the key. Keep in mind that your customers have an unmanageable amount of similar websites at their disposal. You have to offer an incentive to directly inspire a customer who just happens to be passing by and encourage him to buy a product - keyword: conversion.

The best way to achieve this goal is to present a modern, appealing and seriously designed website. It should be as easy to navigate and look good on computer monitors as on notebooks, tablets, smartphones and all other devices. A theme like affiliatetheme.io's project makes this task much easier and you can concentrate on what is really important to you: marketing.

In the end, the use of the Affiliate Theme will probably be Advantages ...to make themselves felt:

a.) Through the improved Search engine optimization more visitors will come to your website. This leads to an increase in turnover, without at the same time increasing additional costs for you.

b.) Satisfied customers will come back: By offering an appealing shopping experience, customers may look for similar products or even completely different ones. Categories look around. New customers become regular customers in the long term.

c.) The high degree of automation ensures that you can concentrate on your core business. The product integration and its presentation on the website is largely handled automatically by the affiliate theme.

The Affiliate Theme as a long-term investment
Quality doesn't come for free: In order to use the full functionality of affiliatetheme.io, you also need to spend a little money. In the long run, however, this investment will pay off in the form of higher conversion rates. You will also save both time and money:

1. for the finished web design you do not need a professional Agency to do the job. Even without design skills your website will look great and offer all the features you expect from a modern landing page, affiliate site or similar projects. Thereby you save the high Costs for professional web design.

2. you only have to go through a few manual steps. The majority of the Functions of the Affiliate Theme runs automatically. You can therefore better concentrate on expanding your affiliate network and delegate work to Software of the Affiliate Theme.

You see: For both beginners and advanced affiliatetheme.io offers a lot of potential for sales growth and a continuous expansion of your own affiliate marketing.

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