Setting up a business online - opportunities and stumbling blocks

Building a business online sounds good at first. You neither need huge sums for the purchase of goods, a shop equipment and renovation of your shop nor do you need staff to support you during the day. Starting a business on the Internet seems to be possible at first without great risks and with little financial effort. After all, you don't need much at first - just a domain, hosting and a websitewhere you can write and provide texts and other content.

Setting up a business online - opportunities and stumbling blocks

With this knowledge in your luggage, starting a business on the Internet sounds like paradise at first. No risks, only a small investment and if it does not work, you have wasted a maximum of time and there is no immediate threat of insolvency. This is also completely correct. There is no easier and less risky way to set up your own business than on the Internet.Anyone who has always dreamed of building their own business on the Internet should dare to realize their dream. After all, you have much more to gain than to lose!Nevertheless, one thing is not spared: Starting up a business requires full commitment. It makes no difference here whether it is a business start-up on the Internet or in the pedestrian zone. In both cases you have to take your business seriously and work hard to be successful. This seems quite natural in a shop in the pedestrian zone. On the Internet, however, many entrepreneurs believe that they can get rich quickly without investing much time and effort.

Stumbling block 1: Setting up a business on the side

Exactly this is the biggest stumbling block for start-ups who want to earn money on the Internet. Thus the own web page is regarded in the best case as an additional income, in which one can invest now and then some time, if family, occupation and even hobby it run. Much more often than one should say, this leads to the fact that one would rather have a "quiet evening". Understandable if you come home from the day, but not very promising.So, the fact that you need little money to start an existence on the Internet is on the one hand a huge advantage, but on the other hand it is also the biggest stumbling block. Because that is exactly what many fail.They start their business on the Internet with zeal, but quickly realize that the start-up does not stop with the creation of the website, but that this is where the work actually begins. What follows is disillusionment. You may have to work hard for several months without being paid for it.If you are aware of this and still want to overcome these stumbling blocks, you have the best chances to gain a foothold on the Internet. The more time you can invest, the faster it will go of course.

Stumbling block 2: You "jump" from one construction site to the other

Suppose you want to Affiliate Become a marketer and recommend travel through your website. Then you first need a domain, hosting and your own website. Once that's done, you'll need content. To avoid getting caught in the downward spiral and "talking your way out of it" in the first place, be aware ahead of time that you now need to create content for your website.Of course, you can and should write your texts yourself first. Find out ahead of time how product reviews, for example, need to be written in order to produce noteworthy results. Concentrate only on this one thing and do not try at the same time a Facebook Build a fan page or shoot videos for your YouTube channel. For now, just focus on filling your website with content that is engaging for users. Because that's exactly the second stumbling block. You're browsing and informing yourself, and you have so many impressions that you want to run from one virtual place to another and tackle everything at once. This doesn't work. Focus on the task that is most important to you first: fill your website with content.

Stumbling block 3: An online shop does not work anyway

Sooner or later there will be disillusionment. You've worked hard, you've gotten stuck at many an evening off to continue working on your online existence, and even after a few months you still have no significant achievements to show for it. It's clear that not only from your family and friends you quickly hear "It doesn't work anyway, what you're doing". You yourself are now also slowly but surely getting this feeling: You work hard and you never seem to have enough visitors to really sell. Stop yourself and others at exactly this point. If you had opened your shop in the pedestrian zone and invested thousands of Euros, you would not expect it to be profitable after only a few months. You give a stationary business 3-5 years (!) time to become successful. On the Internet, although you invest less time and money, you demand this after only a few months. If this does not work, earning money on the Internet does not work at all. So be realistic and give yourself, your work and your business time. Because only then you can make it work.


Building your own business on the Internet costs at least as much time and effort as a stationary business. However, both you and others expect that setting up a business on the Internet will be much faster and take much less time. Exactly that leads to the fact that one does not take the business establishment in the Internet seriously and pursues this as hobby beside the actual work. But exactly this leads to the fact that it takes even longer until your own business is finally profitable. After all, you can invest much less time. Friends and family confirm this assumption. Because here one hears again and again that exactly what one does is pointless and "still not" has led to significant successes. fact is, however, that people still keep a door open when starting a business on the Internet. You do this in your free time and can hardly invest enough time to really succeed. After all, who can work 80 hours a week - 40 hours in his "real job" and 40 hours on his online business? Exactly, this may be possible for a short time but is not feasible in the long run. So you have to decide exactly what you want to do: Starting a business or 9-5 job?
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