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The domain as business card in the Internet and the most important details

All around the purchase of the new domain on the Internet and the quick registration before the activation, the change of the provider, the securing of the homepage or the sale of the presence on the Internet, questions arise which are informatively illuminated in the following article.

You want to get a domain and consider which facts are important. After you have found a suitable provider on the Internet by entering "buy domain" in the search engine, the question arises whether the desired name and ending is still available. During the domain check you will notice very quickly which combination is still available as the desired name and ending. Sometimes it is enough to add a dot or an underscore to the desired name if it is not free in order to get the desired domain with the appropriate domain ending. The domain usually includes the e-mail inbox and the web business card. For an international presence on the Internet, it is practical to select not only one address on the Internet, but several and to coordinate the extensions with the respective country. The Hosting Construction Kit or the Web Construction Kit make the set for the new homepage complete.

domain search fieldSell the domain

You want to sell the homepage, if you only want to change the provider, the new provider offers a relocation service. If you would like to sell the website completely, general and partially fee-based sales mediation portals are a good option. In online business, new entrepreneurs who also value a short and concise name for the website are often willing to take over your homepage at a reasonable price. Domain stock exchanges are another way to benefit from the reach of the online stock exchange at home and abroad and find a buyer. Make your offer as flexible as possible so that you can reach your sales target in a short time. Placing a sales note on your online presence is an excellent way to reach even more potential buyers. The selling price is determined by the traffic and the current demand.

The registration of the homepage

After you have selected the provider, register your website. In many cases, the provider is willing to forward this registration to the homepage when you place the order. Usually it only takes up to two hours, then nothing stands in the way of activation. Registration has the advantage that you are never without a provider. If your current provider is suddenly no longer active as a company, you have an immediate chance to switch to another provider with the help of the registration.

registration-homepageThe backup of the new homepage

Special online portals secure your website, if you enter "secure domain" in the search engine, you will receive suggestions from providers in this area. The domain portfolio is specifically protected against attacks from the net. Important things such as IP access protection can be built into the website and great importance is attached to securing the PIN or TAN. Especially in online shops with sensitive customer data, one's own vigilance is not enough. An additional security service is necessary to optimize the monitoring of the homepage and to show the customers the preventive measures with the Anti-Malware Scan as a visible symbol.

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