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What's there to post?

A website lives on content. Imagine for a moment that your website does not contain any text and only consists of pictures and in the best case Videos exists. Right, without Text a website is not worth much.
And the same applies to the updates to the Social media channels.
Many companies create in the Olympic sense of "being there is everything", a channel on every conceivable platform - and never or far too sporadically use it. The results are orphaned channels that do not present the company in a good light.

A platform with daily posts

The same is true for a channel that you have decided you want to use on a daily basis. Suppose you have a Facebook Fanpage and filled it with content. In the process, you have gained your first fans and perhaps even expanded the fan base through paid Advertising further expanded.
Now there are some 1000 fans waiting to hear from you. But since you are not getting any or no measurable results, you think you can save yourself the trouble.

Blog Weblog But if you don't have anything on your Fanpage post, the site will inevitably look abandoned. In these fast-moving times, potential customers who want to find out more about your company like to go to Facebook to see if there is something about you to discover. In the worst case there is - your fan page - but you haven't posted anything there for weeks and the customer thinks that the company no longer exists.

An orphaned fan page puts your company in a bad light

A Facebook fan page is the opportunity for companies to be close to their potential customers. Because on Facebook, interested parties can directly ask questions about your products or Posts comment. They won't do that on any other platform. As nice as a comment function on your website is, it will be included in the social Media nevertheless used much more frequently than on websites.
The barrier is simply not that big here. Because your customers are already on Facebook, Twitter and co., they link, comment and evaluate - and they do the same with your posts, if there are any.

What should you always post?

The reason why your fan page eventually becomes a desert island is probably not because you shy away from the effort of a post that takes exactly two minutes. The reason is probably much simpler: In your daily business you forget to post or you know you just don't know what else to post.

If you have a look at other fan sites, there always seems to be something new there - from Video via pictures to the point of useful anecdotes. But the fact is that these fan sites also plan their content and don't just come up with it.
Many companies plan their social media Posts many weeks in advance, just to avoid getting to the point where they don't know what to post.

There are a large number of things you can post to keep your users happy. After all, social media is all about keeping your users entertained.
No deep fare is required here, and there is little room for problems.
Nevertheless, one can make the claim that every company has something interesting to post.
Here are some ideas.

A look behind the scenes
If you have a restaurant, it is guaranteed to be exciting for the users to have a look into the kitchen. Even if your employees don't want to be in the picture, you can take pictures of your kitchen, of how the food is prepared and even of the creation of new dishes.

If we stay with the example "restaurant", it is also possible to post links with information about the food used. If you have information about "asparagus" on your website, all the better: Just post the link to your content. If not, you can also link to interesting articles from the web. Always remember: You want to entertain and you are allowed to be generous and link to other websites.

All you need to do with your smartphone is to make a short Video from your workplace. Here again, customers like to take a look behind the scenes. A video that is completely banal for you is interesting for your customers! If you know how to use a video editing program, it is of course also a good idea to cut several small videos together.

Tell me about funny facts. Without mentioning any names - of course you can tell about strange occurrences or misfortunes. Make your customers laugh!

Proverbs and quotations
If you find something funny on the web, you can also publish it on your fan page. Quotes and sayings are welcome and are often shared.

Surveys are also very popular with the readers. You can take part and have a say. Just make sure that your questions do not take up too much time. A "yes" or "no" as well as a "like" will be left much faster than if you have to go to another page and then have to answer questions.
Therefore: Rather short questions, but one every now and then.

Expert opinions
Post news from experts in your industry again and again. This shows your users that you are "up to date" and know what's new in your field. It also gives the impression that you are close to the big players in your industry.

How often should you post on your fan page?

A good rule is to create one or two posts a day. This way, your users will be addressed at different times without you expecting them to post too many posts. You'll be remembered, but users won't find a post from you every time they look at Facebook. But if you get positive reactions to your posts, you're welcome to do so more often.


Interaction is important. Try to get in touch with your users. Ask questions on posts, help and show your users that you are interested in them. Nothing is more frustrating than when a user comes to your website, has a question about a product or your company and doesn't get an answer. Don't wait too long with answers either. If you receive a personal message, you should react especially quickly. Because the average response time is displayed on your fan page. Fast reactions within the postings show the search algorithm of Google and Co. also that it is active on your fan page. In addition, you send positive so-called "social signals". This is a criterion for good rankings in the search engines.


Of course it is work to run an active Facebook fanpage. You have to plan your content in advance and you have to remember every day that you have to provide information about your Shop there. An active Facebook fan page is worth the effort though. Because in the social media, visitors are turned into fans much faster Fans and consequently Newsletter subscribers and ultimately customers.
Rather use only one channel in social media, but use it properly and with commitment. Your users will thank you for it through commitment and the distribution of your content. Once you have found a posting routine, it is not difficult to publish daily updates. And of course you can already prepare posts and post them without any pressure. Also note: Once posted, past updates are always available and will attract new users.

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