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Dedicated server solutions for e-commerce

There are many ways in which you can communicate your company to the outside world on the web. Depending on the orientation of your business, simple image pages that focus on your range of services, location or accessibility are sufficient. But what if the Internet presence is an integral part of a sales-oriented e-commerce concept? If sales and customer contact are to be generated exclusively via the web?

Shared hosting quickly reaches its limits

For beginners or one-man-shows with small shop solutions, where the product range is as manageable as the circle of potential customers, the inexpensive basic packages of Provider often be sufficient. The "shared hosting", where many of the provider's customers share a physical Server are hosted, however, quickly reaches its limits depending on the user's requirement profile. If one leaves once the free offers, which are out of question for serious businessmen, in the consideration, then you find one of these basically attractive sharing packages in the portfolio of each Hosters fast. These are usually characterised by a favourable price, a right nice performance spectrum and a tidy operability. However, it is in the nature of things that these offers are Performance are capped at a certain point.

"Real" e-commerce eats up web space and traffic capacity

Modern e-commerce sites need one thing above all: resources. In contrast to uncomplicated static websites, database applications, multi-media features and constant accessibility for a high volume of visitors are the focus of interest here. To ensure this, high Processor- and RAM capacities are necessary to meet the increased requirements for Webspace and Traffic to be fair. The "shared" servers cannot offer this without restrictions. It is precisely in these areas that the providers have to slow down performance via their terms of use to ensure trouble-free operation for all customers hosted on these servers. At some point in time, growing presences are no longer scalable for you. Further development and the associated increase in sales through the generation of new lead-to-sale contacts is hindered.

Going it alone: Dedicated server as the ideal solution

If this development is foreseeable, you should rely on a dedicated server in the interest of the unchecked development of your company. With this variant, you book with your Hoster its own physical server. With all the advantages that this solution brings: The entire computer performance of this server is exclusively available to you with the maximum possible processor speed. Undisturbed by the application and use by other customers of the provider not known to you. In addition to performance guarantee and controllable scaling, you are also offered a maximum Security by attacks from the outside, since you have Firewall-, DNS and virus protection applications yourself.

managed hosting the dedicated server: convenient and flexible
The classic applications of the dedicated server are
- Use as Web server for data output of static and dynamic files
- Use as database server as a platform for data management services and shop solutions
- Use as VPN server for internal networked administration

All renowned providers have adapted to the individual needs of their customers and offer in the field of Hosting offers flexible and powerful, interface-optimized solutions on dedicated servers. According to your requirements, the common offers allow an exact definition of the desired operating systems, programming technology, add-ons and performance.
Stability and maximum performance even with high visitor numbers and the associated research requests guarantee that the system does not "go down on its knees" due to overload. Your e-commerce presence does exactly what it is positioned to do: Ensure trouble-free sales.

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