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Flexoptix Universal Transceiver

With Flexoptix transceivers, connections between network components of different manufacturers can be established very easily.

The transceivers can be individually programmed for this purpose and fit almost all manufacturers.

flexoptics contentThe Flexoptix programming device - the Flexbox

The transceivers must be programmed for the appropriate device before use. For this purpose there is the Flexbox. With it you can easily choose the right coding for the suitable device and plug in the transceiver. In about 10 seconds the transceiver is coded and can be used directly afterwards.

For example, if you need 20 transceivers for Dell switches, you select the appropriate coding once and program the first transceiver. With one click you can then indicate that the next inserted transceiver should be programmed with the same coding. Then you can program all 20 transceivers in a short time without choosing the right manufacturer each time.

The Flexbox supports CSFP, SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP+, QSFP28, SFP28 and is practically a Swiss army knife for networkers.

flexoptics-equipmentManufacturer-independent connections

You don't always have to be Network all components of one manufacturer. For our example we have a Dell 8024F connected to a 2nd Dell 8024F with SFP+ transceivers as well as Juniper EX4600 with QSFP+, SFP and SFP+ and a WDM with different light waves, thus SFP+ CWDM modules. The EX4600 was then connected to a Juniper SRX1500 and connected to various Dell Servers connected using Broadcom and Intel network cards.


DAC cable for direct connections

Practical are also those offered by Flexoptix DAC cable. You simply program the two modules with the required codes and you have a ready cable to connect the network equipment. This is of course much cheaper than 2 transceivers and matching Fiber Optics. The DAC Cables are available in different lengths. For our test we used relatively short ones, because the components were all installed one below the other.

Selection and offers

The transceiver and DAC cables can be obtained directly from Flexoptix and can also be pre-configured on request. If you are in a hurry you can also pick up the goods.

For networkers, you can now simply use the small Flexobot in Data Center and simply code the appropriate modules for new products or maintenance work. It is no longer necessary to have suitable cables and adapters available for all manufacturers. Instead, you simply program the modules as you need them.

All this at a reasonable price.

Many more products and information can be obtained directly from Manufacturer.

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