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Google Adsense Error: Valuable inventory

Have you ever seen a website or did you want to change them and use Google Adsense Advertising monetize? Then there are many problems with the authorization of the website, which are often acknowledged with error messages.

New error messages for Adsense

Have you created a new Adsense account and added the website? Great, then you have received a new Adsense Code and entered it into the corresponding Pages is inserted.

Google then checks your page in the background and usually activates it for monetization.

Recently, however, many pages are rejected with the following message:

Valuable inventory: Under construction

With new sites, you might think that no content has been found yet, or the site is simply not suitable for monetization. But if a site has been running Adsense ads for years, the message is confusing.

The following problems could exist. Just have a closer look at your page before you start a new check at google. The 2nd check usually takes 2-3 days.


Adsense, the Analytics Code from the old owner, or the old ID is still present in the site.


Go to some of your pages and check the source code to see if there is any google code there. Make sure that it is the same code you received from Adsense. If you Plugins e.g. for WordPress the ID must also be adapted there. Deletes the Cache of the website in CMS.


Website not accessible via IPV6. Default page is loaded.


It's not immediately apparent. If you have entered an IPV6 address in the DNS, or Cloudflare is used, then the website is preferably accessed with ipv6. If now on the Server no configuration for ipv6 is available, the website is not accessed. This will result in a Error messageor a Server Default Page is displayed. Just configure ipv6 in the DNS and on the server correctly, then google can call the page without problems.

Example of a IP Configuration for Plesk. Shown are IPv4 and IPv6 at the top of the picture

When you have completed these points, you can arrange for a new test to be performed. Often it helps to simply check a new subdomain like www. to get a faster check.

If everything fits google will then be with you via eMail with a confirmation like this:

Confirmation from Google that the website is for the delivery of Advertisements has been unlocked.
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