How do I find the right webhoster for me?

The Internet is booming and forms an important part of our daily life. It is therefore not surprising that the number of websites is also constantly increasing. Besides business customers and companies, more and more private users are deciding to create their own website. With the number of websites and the current trend for the internet, the number of webhosters is also increasing. So how do you find the right hoster among this wide range of offers?

The first step: consider what you need

The first step is often underestimated: Customers need a website and sign up with the first hoster they find. After all, webhoster is web host, isn't it? Clearly the answer is no! Surely there are hundreds of providers where you can build your website, but not every hoster is the same. On the contrary - some of the offers differ significantly. Different hosters use different hardware and some even specialize in a certain product, such as servers, or in a certain clientele, such as private individuals, small businesses or even huge enterprise solutions.

For this reason, it is important that you think about what you need for your website and whether you may need to use certain hardware. There are also some serious differences, e.g. in the PHP version on the server or in the possible scripts and functions. Here are some things you should survive:

* How much webspace and traffic do you need?
* Do you have specific hardware requirements, such as SSD hard drives?
* Which server location do you want?
* Do you need specific software requirements for your programs (PHP version, CronJobs, etc.)?

Having this information at hand will give you a solid base to start looking for a hoster that meets your requirements.

Now it gets serious - the search for a hoster

Now that all preparations have been made, you can start looking for a suitable hoster. Here the Internet offers itself as the simplest possibility. Various websites offer comparison portals where you can clearly see the different hosters, their prices and their offers. In addition, a simple Google search will usually find several providers, which you can also look at.

It is important here that you compare exactly and deal with the provider. First of all, it is important to see whether your requirements are generally met. You should also look on the Internet for information about the potential provider. What ratings has he or she received? Are there any problems? How is the customer support? You should not be tempted here to do without a potentially good provider for a few euros less. A good support as well as a trustworthy hoster from Germany is certainly better than a less known or cheaper hoster from abroad. Furthermore, you should not be tempted to save money because you do not need something. For example, support is often neglected, with the thought that you will not use it anyway. The problem, however, is this: if you do need help, it is annoying if you don't receive an answer to your e-mail, only to find out that the support uses a number with costs, maybe even abroad or even an expensive special number.

Data protection also plays an increasingly important role. You should take a close look at where the servers are located. Especially with German servers or servers in the EU you can be sure that a certain standard of data protection is observed. In addition, you should also pay attention to some other functions or offers that the hoster offers you. Is there perhaps a special offer for new customers? Does one of two otherwise identical providers use the popular cPanel for administration? You should also consider all these points.

However, you should be cautious with recommendations. These are not necessarily bad and you can be sure that a friend or colleague is satisfied. On the other hand, you may have different requirements. Maybe your acquaintance needs other things than you or even uses the web space for a completely different website. You should also find out exactly what the hoster offers you and whether you might find something more suitable for you or perhaps even cheaper.

A tip: small is not always bad

There are a number of small providers on the Internet who offer a manageable range of packages. There is often scepticism about such offers, but this is often unjustified. Especially small hosters often offer a very personal and individual service. Special arrangements and special agreements are easier here and the service is often excellent. Unlike the big providers, with such a company you are not just a name or a number, but a person who is even known over time.

Caution trap - the overselling

A common trap is very cheap and tempting offers from web hosts. These so-called discount hosters offer web space and many services at low prices. However, caution is advised here, because many providers work with overselling. That means they sell more resources and space than the server provides. You might think that you are not interested in this, because you only build a small site anyway and use only a fraction of the resources. But here is the biggest mistake: Even if you don't use the space, someone else might do so and thus shut down the server. Also, your site may grow and you may need more resources in the future.


The search for a suitable hoster is no longer a problem with Google and the Internet. You should only think about your needs in advance and spend some time comparing the different providers. Especially the server location / privacy, as well as support and customer reviews should play a role here. In addition, you should not be persuaded to choose a worse provider for a few euros less, in the assumption or hope that you will not or only rarely need services such as support, etc. anyway.

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