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Imunify360 causes php failures

An automatic update of imunify360 on Plesk servers causes php functionality problems

Automatic Updates are often useful and necessary to keep systems up to date. For this purpose, software packages are automatically installed and updated on servers. This also applies to the Imunify360 security package on Plesk Servers.

Since 19.11. there are updates of some packages to another version. This apparently leads to the fact that on the Server the php processes can be scheduled after a short time.

How can I determine whether I am affected?

The problem is noticed by error messages in the error log, or at longer script runtimes when the calls are terminated with a 503 error message, or an internel server error.

The fastest way to see it is to use webmail, which uses Php version 7.3 for Plesk servers. Directly after logging in you will get an internal server error which you can skip by calling it several times.

Display in Error_log

With the Webmail login the Data from the imap P.O. Box, which takes a little longer. With normal website Calls are php calls in the millisecond range, so the problem is not immediately apparent.

But also when using WordPress e.g. if you include design templates from other servers, or pictures uploading may result in aborts.

How to solve the problem?

Unfortunately it was not possible to solve the problem by e.g. restoring an older version. Even after uninstalling imunify360 the php Error ...has not been eliminated.

But the solution is relatively simple.


Step 1: Uninstall Imunify360

With the following command the Imunify360 Deploy Script can be downloaded and imunify360 uninstalled.

wget https://repo.imunify360.cloudlinux.com/defence360/i360deploy.sh

bash i360deploy.sh -uninstall

The process takes a while, because all Domains are processed here. With 100 domains about 15 minutes.

Step 2: Install Imunify360

If imunify360 is completely disabled it can be easily reinstalled with the following command:

bash 360deploy.sh

Afterwards, the license key must be activated again in the Plesk menu. The php error messages will then disappear again.

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