Joomla website move to WordPress

CMS is the most common way for laymen to create a website nowadays. Also Joomla was once among the most popular content management systems, but has been completely replaced by WordPress. But at this point everyone can surely understand why not everyone wants to rebuild the website that is already created. So more and more Joomla users ask themselves if they have a possibility to take the Joomla website with them to WordPress or if a simple move is possible? This is a question that one has to get to the bottom of a little bit, because the answer is positive in five steps, because this possibility is also available for inexperienced users.

The first two steps to move the Joomla website to WordPress

The first and inevitable step to move the Joomla website to WordPress is that the CMS must be moved to a new web server or the already existing web server. In other words, it must be installed to have any chance at all to move the website from Joomla to WordPress. The second step follows therefore on the foot if WordPress was installed on the existing or new server. Now the FG Joomla must be installed to WordPress plugin can be installed. These two steps are the first important steps to help the Joomla website move to WordPress.

joomlaMoving Joomla website to WordPress - steps 3 to 4

If the plugin has been installed, see step 2, the setting must be adjusted accordingly. The plugin settings can be adjusted under "Tools" according to your own needs and ultimately provide the desired setting. Not to forget that in step 4 the information and data must be entered to enable the move of the Joomla website to WordPress. The administrator area on the Joomla website provides the necessary data and these must be entered to make the move of the website to WordPress almost perfect. During the move are media like pictures and videos available? Then the 4 step is to be considered again with more caution. Under Force media Import is thus the necessary setting to be able to transfer the data accordingly.

The last step for the successful move is imminent

If the first four steps have worked, which is to be assumed at this point, as they are simple. Then the fifth step is the last and decisive step to be able to move the Joomla website to WordPress quickly. Not only pictures, videos and settings should be imported over, right? It is also about the fact that the contents = contents do not have to be rewritten, but are immediately visible on WordPress as such. So that all contents are co-opted for the move, it is necessary to Import content from Joomla to WordPress to click on. This is how the transfer starts, so that the move is completed almost perfectly and smoothly within a few minutes or hours. Only the modification of the internal links, if any, has to be done manually. Then the move of the Joomla website to WordPress is perfectly successful and this without the need for professionals and considerable time and effort.

Moving the Joomla website to WordPress is a common step nowadays. It is simple and in five short steps easily explained and done. Less work is a decisive advantage in any case and WordPress is even easier to handle, which is certainly a reason for moving. Meanwhile, WordPress can be extended with plugins at any time and is free of charge, which again speaks for the move of the Joomla website at this point. The move is very easy and should therefore be done with these five steps.

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