Set up Facebook Twitter and Co in Yoast Seo

Whoever uses WordPress knows that YOAST is a Seo software or Seo plugin from Yoast for WordPress. Nowadays nothing works without social networks, so that the question arises more and more often, how can you set up Facebook, Twitter & Co in YOAST as Seo? To the layman the question sounds like complicated steps, but it should be noted that this is not the case. Any layman can set up the plugin so that all social networks will soon be involved in WordPress and more precisely in the Yoast Seo plugin.

Integrate search engines into the Yoast Seo plugin

If you want to include the search engines in the Seo plugin of Yoast for WordPress, you have to inform the search engines that this plugin is used. To do this, interested parties go to the search engines and more precisely under "My account" or "Account". There the search engines can be informed about WordPress, the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co., in order to make this search more intensive and to integrate it within the search engine in the future. This way it is already properly displayed in the search engines and this is the first step in the right direction. In the tabs at Yoast, you can of course also set the activation under "Google", so that the future will display all data and relevant search terms in an appropriately adapted form.

faceboot twitterEmbed Facebook in the Seo Yoast plugin Seo

It is very easy to integrate Facebook as a social platform in Yoast. To do so, open the plugin again and go to the Facebook tab. Here it is again important to activate the function "Open Graph Meta Data". Now you can adjust the activation by adding picture, title and description to guarantee the perfect setting for Yoast by adding Facebook. Meanwhile, the same setting for Twitter can also be specified in the tab to allow Twitter in Yoast and Seo setup in WordPress. To do this, you need to set the tab to "Twitter" and then use the settings again. The tab "Twitter" and "Facebook" as well as "Google" can be found on Yoast and allow for immediate customization, which must be done to immediately include and consider these networks for the Seo work in Yoast.

WordPress is a popular platform, because even new-fangled plug-ins respect the Seo settings. It's noticeable that Yoast is very much in demand here and of course the social networks can be included immediately. This is also absolutely recommendable like Twitter and Facebook. After all, it's more and more important nowadays to keep your Seo work up-to-date and that's where WordPress can convince. Not to forget that the social networks have to be integrated into the plugin. To do this, it is sufficient to open the settings and again activate and adjust the settings in the tabs provided. Yoast is a plugin of WordPress, which integrates the social networks after a few settings. No experience is required to adjust the tabs and interested parties should read this here and adjust them accordingly.

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