How to create your own blog with WordPress

With the thought simple and fast to create your own blog with WordPress to publish, many people play. But how does that work? Is here then the first question. The easiest way is with WordPress, especially free of charge. However, beware, not everything that is offered, is then also really free.

The first important step

Of course everyone knows this, the registration has to be done first. After that you have to choose the language, too, by selecting the Blog, is to be written. This hurdle should be the easiest, but here it is not called here to register, but to start. So click on this button, so that the registration is then will be can. The first steps are easy, because you only have to enter your mail address, your user name and of course a password.

But after that, full attention is required, because now the domain is queried. If you want to have your blog for free first, you have to use the ending "" here. Another ending costs money and can then cost up to 21 euros a year. So it should be clear here in advance if someone wants to take some money in hand or not. If these entries are made, then simply click on the button Click Submit. Afterwards WordPress will send an email with a link to activate the blog to your email address. Again, simply click on the button to activate the blog. After that it really starts, but in WordPress this is also relatively easy and simple.

wordpress websiteThe second step, setting up the blog

After the registration has worked well, the blog has to be set up. After activation, you will be automatically forwarded to the setup wizard. On this page, you will then have to define a title for the blog. Additionally, you can also create subtitles or taglines. Important is the question in which language the blog should appear. After that you have to decide in which theme the blog should appear. The same applies here, not everything is free of charge.

So make sure that there are no costs. But in which color the blog should appear, that is in any case free. Just as free of charge is a banner for the blog. Now comes already the last step, whereby here Press, offers to put the own blog on Facebook or on Twitter should appear. Who has an account there, should then also do this, because so the bog is also better visited. This can be important, because not everyone wants to run his blog just like that. Because it can be earned over an own blog but so some money, which depends, however, also on the number of visitors. So this link can be very important and should not simply be ignored.

Finally write the first post

Those who have completed these steps can now write their first post. Therefore, everyone should have thought about what should appear before. In the same way, blogs often claim that a domain must already exist. That may have been the case once, but it must have been a long time ago. Because on the website of Press, it is directly communicated that they also set up the domain. Therefore nobody must look for itself for this still another provider, whereby this likewise goes with some providers free of charge. With WordPress then really nobody must still worry about it, because here there is that around carefree package. In addition, the steps are kept simple, so that everyone can understand them.

In addition, the free package includes 3GB of storage space. Should this not be enough or the domain name should not be, the user has to spend about 3 Euro per month. So there will be no more advertisement of WordPress, which is the case with the free package. All this should have been considered before. Only after that the registration can take place. A further advantage, if then all initial steps were made, the blog appears within shortest time in the Internet. There are also specialized WordPress providers who, in addition to hosting, also install updates and optimize the speed, such as the website maintenance service of AG.

Search engines optimized right from the start

This is also one of the advantages of WordPress, because the blog can also already be found in the popular search engines. Of course, Google is also included here, because this search engine is used most often. So in a few steps to your own blog, that is possible with WordPress. Simply log in, then follow the next instructions and you can start writing. There is still a small difference, because there is WordPress as .org in the ending and as .com. The difference is that with .org the software must be loaded on the computer. With .com this is not the case. Otherwise, everything remains as described above. Who has then nevertheless once questions, which can turn to the support. However, this is not reached by phone, but then only via live chat or E-mail. You can also Joomla to WordPress migrate.

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