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WordPress Clicks: How to count reliably?

For people who run their own blog and who may want to make some money from it, it is extremely important to know how many other people have at least visited the blog. Of course, it is even more important to know how long the visitors stay on the platform. Only in this way is it ultimately possible for an author to check whether and in what way his or her contributions are perceived and appreciated.
Now the question arises of course: How exactly can the operator of the blog determine the exact number of visitors and also qualify them?

The Update

If you run a blog and want to register the number of users, you have to take into account that the calculator initially only adds up the sheer number of visitors. Consequently, it is difficult to track whether the last entry caused more or less "traffic" than the previous one. However, this is exactly what is crucial for generating customers who are willing to pay for the site.
In order to count WordPress clicks reliably, the relatively simple app "Update" is a good choice.
This can be used to compare and also verify how many people have actually visited the blog within a period of time such as a day or a week.
This is of course a good basis for negotiations with potential advertising partners, because WordPress clicks are usually the only argument to demand and receive corresponding fees.

Statistics Plugins

Statistk plugins give very exact information about how many people visit the blog at what times.
This can have many advantages for the operator:
Especially people who want to interest fixed target groups with their blog should observe the habits of their clientele: For example, if you want to get housewives interested in fashion, you should check whether the blog is visited in the afternoon or at night, as most potential customers are more likely to use the Internet during the day.
Especially when visitor numbers are stagnating or declining, it is important not to decide "from the gut" how to offer your own product better. Here it is of utmost importance to have reliable figures and statistics in front of you.

Google Analytics

Without wanting to advertise at this point, it must be said that WordPress clicks usually take place within the world of Google or are evaluated there.
The company offers to analyze WordPress clicks via Google Analytics and provide clients with qualified Data to deliver: A basically fantastic offer.
You get an exact indication of how many people from which countries were interested in your blog at what time - and all this graphically prepared.
Actually a priceless service for blog operators, especially since it is not even particularly expensive. Google also offers much more efficient services, which are hardly affordable for a normal person and are hardly needed.
However, large companies undoubtedly use this service, as normal people are now advertised very specifically. It is not surprising how much companies know about the shopping and social behaviour of their users by collecting WordPress clicks.

Piwik and Wassup

Of course there has long been competition from industry giants such as Google, Facebook or Whatsapp. The best-known startups or newly established companies here are currently Piwik and Wassup, which want to move quite aggressively, especially younger users to their pages.
Both services are quite suitable for counting WordPress clicks and preparing them for the users, so that the operators of the blogs are saved some work.
Whether they can hold their own in the market is left to the future.

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