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Change user name in WordPress afterwards

As a user of WordPress you will be able to use both the User nameswhich you use at login, as well as to change the post name visible to your readers. However, you should remember that after the change, the previously used username will no longer be available for selection at a later date. This is because the WordPress program will permanently block this name. Thus it can never be chosen again, neither by you nor by another user. A subsequent change of the user name in WordPress should therefore be well thought out.

The easy way to the goal

As so often with the WordPress program, there are several possibilities when you Settings change or solve problems. This is also the case if you want to change the user name afterwards. One way is to delete the administrator and create a new one. With this way you do not have to click on the Database grab it. This way is therefore more comprehensible for laymen and thanks to the following step-by-step explanation easier to carry out. However, a prerequisite for this type of change is an additional E-mail-address, because the program WordPress does not accept 2 Administrators with the same E-Mail-address.
Step one:
If you would like to continue to use your old e-mail address, you should still register as an "old" e-mail address in the short term. Administrator Change your desired e-mail address to another one. This is easily done via the personal settings.
Step two:
In order to delete the old administrator, and thus the unwanted user name, you must create a new administrator for WordPress create. Make absolutely sure that you give him the same rights. In the course of this, you can also specify the new user name you have chosen. You will then be asked for the e-mail address. If all the details successful could be entered, then log out and log in again with the new access data. As administrator you can delete another administrator at any time, which you should do now. But don't worry: The program WordPress will ask you before deleting, what to do with the previously created Pages and contributions should happen. You can select the option here and transfer it to your new administrator. Thus no Data and Contributions lost.


The second possibility of changing the name

Another way to change the user name afterwards is via the program itself. This is also explained here step by step.
Step one:
After logging in, access the personal settings and select the Change option next to the user name.
Step two:
Please read the information. For example, it explains again that you can never use the deselected user name again.
Step three:
Enter the new user name in the two fields provided. Entering it twice is necessary so that any typing errors are recognized. Now click on "Continue".
Step four:
- If your username is identical to the blog address, select "Change example.wordpress.com to my new username and discard the old address". This will change the blog address to the new username.
- If your current username is not identical to the blog address, you can now either "create a new Blog create with the new user address" or you can choose the option: "No, don't create a blog with the matching address". In this case the user name will be changed in WordPress afterwards, but no changes will be made to the blog address.
Step five:
Now you only have to check and confirm the information.


The user name in WordPress changing things afterwards is not as difficult as you might think at first. If you have questions about WordPress settings, you can find additional helpful information in the Internet or contact the support of WordPress.

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