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WordPress Hosting the most popular Content Management Systems WordPress offer specialized Web host on. It does not matter whether the system is used for private purposes or for professional reasons. WordPress for example can be used optimally for private Blogs or used for the company website.

Install WordPress

WordPress is considered to be very user friendly. The administration and Create a website is greatly simplified with this system. If you do not necessarily want to use a ready-made WordPress installation, but always want to be flexible, you need a so-called WordPress Hoster. On each Webspace with PHP5 or a Database can a Installation be performed by WordPress. In order to avoid problems during operation, some preconditions should be created for optimal use. So that WordPress fits for your own needs, the right WordPress Hoster is very important. The Hoster should be used for the minimum requirements with PHP5 or a MySQL database must be equipped. Additionally it should have at least 64 Mbit RAM. Rein theo

retisch can use WordPress with MySQL 5.0+ or PHP 5.2.4 can be used. However, these versions have the advantage that they are no longer actively marketed and optimized. This results in a higher risk of the system being hacked via existing vulnerabilities. Whoever should use WordPress should make sure that not only the latest WordPress Vision is used, but also the Server is at an up-to-date level. All minimum requirements for WordPress can usually be met quickly and easily with CDN networks or different caching methods optimise. Beginners in the field of WordPress applications quickly reach their limits here. In this case it is better to get expert help so that all details can be fine-tuned.

UpdateUpdates should be installed regularly

With WordPress there are regular Updatesthat should not be ignored. Depending on the number of topics or the required Plugins it can happen that almost daily new updates appear which have to be installed. This is a bit of work, but it is very important for the Security of the system is extremely important. Through the updates WordPress is always up to date and up to date. Hackers will have no possibility to penetrate the system from outside. Also Error in your own community can be improved through a new Update can be quickly remedied.

If you frequently need to update installthen you should make sure that you also have a regular Backup create. If you are working without backups, then in the worst case it can happen that your Data are lost forever. Like all programs, WordPress has a small residual risk that the system will be damaged by an update. Many Updates can cause incompatibility between plug-ins. In this case your website would not work anymore. A backup is for you always a security that you can always fall back on it if necessary.

Have WordPress maintained by specialists

The maintenance and protection of your own WordPress installation always means a lot of work. If you don't have your own IT department, you should hire a professional. Thus it is guaranteed that WordPress is always optimally available. Depending on your needs, the most different Functions can be used. Through the many design possibilities, every website can be given a unique look.

Provider for WordPress maintenance you will find in our Web hosting directory.

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