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A popular plugin for search engine optimization

Yoast SEO has the ability to Optimization the search engine. This Plugin can be used by you and your team. Your team can then analyze content and, based on Yoast SEO Proposals containing texts and Article optimise. It is possible to give one member of your team access to the proposals and Tips to refuse.

How can I disable Yoast SEO for certain users?

For your Blog you can assign four roles. Administratoreditor, author and collaborator. These four roles can be assigned to WordPress can be activated and deactivated. You should consider which role, which User is assigned. Because every role has its own responsibility. Only one administrator per article or blog is recommended, as they can delete and modify content. This user should therefore not submit any misconduct. Each of the four roles also has access to the statistics of website.
The Administrator has full and unrestricted ownership of the article or any Blogs. The administrator thus has full Law to change and delete contents and texts. The administrator can also Comments create and editand Delete, select the topic, Settings manage and import texts. The administrator also has the full right to change or delete the whole blog or article. Therefore it is recommended to have only one administrator.
The second role of the editor has the following tasks. The editor can view, publish, delete and edit every post on the site. The comments can be moderated, the Categories will manage. In addition, the editor can manage links, files and pictures upload.

The third role of the author has fewer rights than that of the editor. The author can create his own Contributions change, make public and delete. The author can also upload files and pictures. The author may not Pages edit, add pages or delete pages.
The employee is the fourth role that should and can be assigned. The employee can change his/her own contributions, but cannot make them public. If an employee has completed a contribution, this contribution is published by the Administrator checked. Once the contribution has been approved and published, the employee can no longer edit it. The employee cannot upload files or images.
This is also how it works Yoast SEO. The SEO analysis, and the analysis of the Readability can be activated for individual users, but also deactivated. If you want to deactivate individual users, you must set the Dashboard of the WordPress page click on "Users".

Individual users are deactivated

In the dashboard of the WordPress website you now have the choice of the individual users. There you can assign a new role to each user. In addition, once you have clicked on the user, you can scroll down and deactivate the readability of the analyses and the analysis. It can be determined independently of each other whether the user can use the Search engine optimization with Yoast SEO or the readability of the texts should be limited.

May all users use the Meta-Box?

All users who do not have access to the text editor can use the Meta- Do not use the box. If a user has access to the text editor, then he also has the possibility to Meta-Box to use. It depends on what role the user has been assigned. Individual users can also be deactivated on the WordPress website for the meta-box. The Yoast SEO Meta-Box can therefore also be locked for individual users.

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