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Functionality and components of an antivirus software

Nowadays, antivirus software consists of a multitude of different components, some of which even work independently of each other. The classic virus scanner and the Firewall are among the most famous, but there are also numerous Functions like the targeted search for pishing emails, the defense against Malware and surf protection, and more and more often optimization tools that can improve the functioning of the computer and manage the memory independently. The basic functions that should be included in a good antivirus software are briefly introduced in the following sections. However, this can only happen in part, because there are significant differences in performance and functionality between the various providers.

The virus scanner and the firewall

These two basic components are included in every antivirus program and are mainly concerned with defense and detection of threats. While the virus scanner scans the existing files and structures for viruses, the firewall is a pure defence instrument against known threats. The firewall virtually does the preliminary work and the virus scanner "cleans" the hard disk even more precisely and thoroughly. A firewall can also only provide limited protection against threats, because unlike a virus scanner it only works with the data of active Internet traffic and does not access existing files. This separation is deliberate because it keeps the individual components more powerful.

The Pishing Filter

Although numerous Email-Provider offers its own protective functions, but especially with the increased volume of communication via e-mail, a protective function against pishing attacks is indispensable. This Function checks the e-mail for suspicious features immediately after it arrives in the mailbox and independently passes on warnings. This filter is special, but can also be applied more comprehensively, and often a check for malware and illegal content is integrated with parental control. Even though these additional functions often appear as separate and additional programs in the shore interface, they are nevertheless often a component of the pishing filter and are replaced by this part of the Software managed independently.

Search for malware and adware

Although this function is often also performed by the virus scanner, there are often separate scanners for this purpose which can search much more efficiently and effectively by separating them from the normal virus scanner. These functions are specially designed for the known threats from Malware and Adware and explicitly search for such structures within the system. Especially computers with a lot of Internet are vulnerable and need an independent and independent Protection from malware and adware. In the user interface, the virus scanner and the malware blocker are similar and both have the possibility to treat the affected files according to their own taste, or to let the system treat them automatically.

Automatic Updates - The most important function of an antivirus program

The automatic Updates are probably the most highly rated function of an antivirus program. This is because the automatic updates guarantee not only constant updating of the program and the functions themselves, but also the quasi vital updates of the virus databases and known threats. The automatic updates are thus in principle the gateway to the world of viruses for the program and provide the individual components with important information that is integrated into the search algorithms, thus guaranteeing optimum protection.

Performance Optimization Tools

While these tools are not necessarily a mark of good antivirus software, they are now almost standard. The functions of such tools deal entirely with memory management and ensure optimized memory usage either in the background or when activated. The tools take care of the registry, available memory, but also delete temporary files and Internet history. The latter in particular is a useful function, as it guarantees anonymous surfing on the Internet in the long term.

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